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Knitting for baby

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Beckyanddel Wed 05-Mar-14 20:31:31

Hi everyone
I Have recently knitted a blanket for my sister in law who is expecting any day soon and it has got me thinking about whether mums still knit for their newborn babies...
Just wondering if anyone here is knitting anything for their baby or wants to? If not, what is stopping you?
Really appreciate your views :-)

nc060 Wed 05-Mar-14 20:36:17

im not knitting for my baby purely because so many people already are! !

evertonmint Wed 05-Mar-14 20:37:02

I do! Currently knitting a cardigan for DC3 due in a few months. Have also knitted toys for my older 2 and will do for this one as well. He might get fewer cardigans and hats simply because I have a good selection now, but he deserves something new of his own smile

An old lady once commented on my DD's cardigan, knitted by one of her nanas, and said "It is so wonderful to see a baby in hand-knits. It means somebody loves them so much" Of course it doesn't mean they aren't loved if they have no hand knits, but it is true: they are a labour of love on the part of the knitter. grin

callamia Wed 05-Mar-14 20:40:31

I did. Two pairs of boots and a hat.
I gave the smaller pair of boots to a woman in nicu because my baby was unexpectedly large, and hers was unexpectedly small.

Miriama Wed 05-Mar-14 20:49:07

My mother in law is a fearsome knitter and had started knitting months ago on the off chance! I intend to learn crochet and try my hand and at a crochet blanket, but not sure how I will get on with that!

FirsttimerG Wed 05-Mar-14 21:02:13

I am still knitting myself a jumper, but I am sure I will!

Writerwannabe83 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:04:37

My nan is busy knitting smile

mummytobejuly2014 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:04:59

watching with interest, id like to, our little man is due in july, just not sure where or whats an easy'ish pattern for dk wool

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 05-Mar-14 21:10:58

I knitted for all three of my DCs and knit for family and friends that are expecting. I still make hats for my nephews and nieces - I think we come from a big headed family as everyone seems to struggle to get hats to fit. grin

Mummytobe there is a pattern on Ravelry called the baby surprise jacket. If you can increase and decrease then it is a simple pattern that makes a really cute baby jacket.

Roseandmabelshouse Wed 05-Mar-14 21:11:54

Knitty gritty is a fab boom for beginners.

Roseandmabelshouse Wed 05-Mar-14 21:12:01

Or book

Mummyk1982 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:12:18

My mum has knitted our little lady several cardigans, a hat, booties and she's also made about 6-7 smocked dresses as well as given me the ones I wore (that she made) when I was a little girl :-)

coffetofunction Wed 05-Mar-14 21:12:28

Dc3 cooking nicely & for the third & final time I am trying to teach myself to knit... One of my babies will have something knitted by me lol smile

peeapod Wed 05-Mar-14 21:19:38

Well, my los grandma knitted them their first pair of booties in 2 days after we told them of the bfp.

im currently attempting to knit a blanket. literally straight knitting. i can cast on but not off. i feel its really important for baby to have something I made for them (probably hormones lol). It isnt about perfection but love.

its going slow but il get there. If anyone is interested theres a lot of wool and knitting patterns in aldi at the moment..

Misty9 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:22:58

I'm crap at knitting and have forgotten how to (again). But I am making a rag doll from a kit dh got me for our dd due in weeks smile

MrsMonkeyBear Wed 05-Mar-14 21:31:21

I knit and crochet but I'm too busy at the moment to pick up my needles and hooks. I plan on crocheting loads of hats and booties. My mum is already knitting cardigans and jumpers. I made a lot of stuff for my nephews too. I think making a gift rather than buying one is more fun!!!

Melonbreath Wed 05-Mar-14 21:50:48

I made loads of crochet blankets. They were really useful and i loved snuggling dd in something i made for her

evertonmint Wed 05-Mar-14 22:14:28

There is a lovely book which I do most of my baby things from called Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss. She starts with a very simple knit stitch scarf and a simple blanket. By the end you're making a fairly complicated jumper with pockets! It has lots of illustrations to show the techniques and the patterns are excellent. Several are for DK wool including the cardigan I'm knitting at the moment and a cute beanie hat I usually do for friends' babies. There's also a slightly chunkier jumper which has square shoulders so no complicated shaping. I hadn't knitted since I was 10, when the most I did was a scarf, and this book got me back into it and taught me loads. Definitely worth seeking out.

ruth1104 Wed 05-Mar-14 22:20:53

I'm not a knitter but I'm SO excited to tell my gran we're expecting because I know she'll start straight away! She loves doing it for my niece, and I'm looking forward to having a few little heirlooms (I realise they won't all survive..). But you lot are inspiring me to think about attempting a blanket!

evertonmint Wed 05-Mar-14 22:23:49

Ah, they are heirlooms. I still have a hand crocheted blanket that my nana made for me. She died about 25 years ago. It was lovely to use it with my own DC - a little bit of her with them smile

LastOneDancing Wed 05-Mar-14 22:28:34

I love to knit & crochet. I'm hoping to have a go at these while on mat leave.

Fairypants Wed 05-Mar-14 22:31:46

My mum and I started making blanket squares when I was expecting dc1...made a few more when I was expecting dc2.
I've since become quite a knitter but never got back to it. Now dc2 is sewing the squares together whilst I finish the last couple of squares for dc3grin
We have already each completed a number of items for dc3 but I haven't yet found the right cardigan pattern. Dd (11) wants a v simple pattern as it will be her first proper item of clothing.

Boogles91 Wed 05-Mar-14 23:10:53

My mums just knitted us a lovely cardigan for our lil boy smile shes also done his blankie smile as i had one when i was little(still have now) and babys arent the same without there blankies hehehe :D i can never get rid of mine holds too much sentimental value :p my hubby calls it a stinky rag hahaha but i dont care :p shes also crotcheting some likul booties . she always made me some lovely cardies aswel when i was little, and is going to make me another scarf smile well crotchet it. I love to do crossstitch, im a master at them, i find this helps past time, though i need to get this one im currently on done soon as it will be sitting away in storage for a long time if i dont xx

babybear2468 Wed 05-Mar-14 23:11:19

I picked up the knitting needles a few months before I got pregnant, I thought it must be some kind of nesting thing. I have made booties, a blanket, a cardigan, a tea cosy and a hat and some burp cloths. There are some great books out there, with designs segmented per trimester, so the longer projects are toward the start and suggested for when you're in your first. Really am finding it quite therapeutic and relaxing.

MrsM2013 Wed 05-Mar-14 23:26:18

I have knitted 3 squares for a blanket. They aren't perfect by any means but I like the idea I am making something for my baby. Got 15 weeks to knit a good 11 more!

Peeapod try YouTube for casting off videos- I didn't have a clue about 3 weeks ago but they're really helpful.

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