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labetalol help!

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frankiebuns Wed 05-Mar-14 03:30:10

This is my second pregnancy I'm 15 +1 the drs put me on labetalol 2 weeks ago for pregnancy induced hypertension my bp was 150/107 to begin with itbrought idown to normal took it today and back up to 161/99. I was put on these with no consultations f riks wether baby will be early and its 3.30 am and I'm a hormonal nervous wreck. Any one else in my situation or is further ahead than me that can tell me what's happening. I'm still at work but god knows how! Thanks in advance

SweetPeaPods Wed 05-Mar-14 04:55:49

I was given them post ds to lower blood pressure but my friend was on them for most of her pregnancy absolutely fine. They are the standard issue bp drugs for pregnancy. If concerned contact your mw, but risks of taking them definitely outweigh risks of pre eclampsia etc to baby.

hubbahubster Wed 05-Mar-14 08:21:55

I was on labetalol for the third tri for high BP and DS was absolutely fine. As SweetPea says, they're standard issue in pg for high BP, please don't worry.

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