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Flying whilst pregnant - flight socks etc

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Plateofcrumbs Wed 05-Mar-14 00:44:17

I've got a 3.5hr and a 9hr return trips in the next few weeks, between 20 and 23 weeks pregnant.

I've heard wearing compression socks is a good idea - but advice seems to be that you should wear them from before you get out of bed in the morning of your flight until when you go to bed at night. Now my 3.5hr flight is early morning and I'm going somewhere warm and sunny - wearing compression socks all day really does NOT appeal.

Does anyone understand why we are supposed to keep the socks on until bedtime? Is it to do with having the legs elevated? Would lying on a sun lounger for an hour or two post-flight have the same impact? Is there any point in wearing them at all if I whip them off after the flight? Is 3.5hrs even long enough to bother with flight socks?

Whilst I'm here any other advice for flying gratefully received! smile

PuppyMummy Wed 05-Mar-14 06:51:37

I have flown twice so far in this pregnancy, at 8 weeks and 25. not seen any advice to keep the socks on? pretty sure nhs just say wear flight socks...

I have only worn mine before getting on and then took them off straight away. I hav been fine.

letsmakeababy Wed 05-Mar-14 07:11:31

I saw the midwife yesterday and she said to wear them on any length of flight and on car journeys that are longer than a couple of hours (which hadn't even occurred to me!)

She didn't mention keeping them on after. I usually have mine on until I get to the hotel then take them off as I don't find them all that comfortable!

As for other tips on flying, I suggest taking drinks with you so you have plenty of liquid, get up to walk around when you can and get an aisle seat so you can nip to the toilet a lot (if your bladder is anything like mine right now!)

And enjoy grin

Plateofcrumbs Wed 05-Mar-14 09:33:29

Thanks - an example of the advice about leaving the socks on until bedtime is here (NCT):

wear compression stockings (flight socks), which can help to regulate your blood circulation. Put them on before you fly and try not to remove them until you go to bed after the flight.


I guess this is just standard advice for how you are supposed to use flight socks and not pregnancy specific? But I can't find anything else about it.

Dazedconfused Wed 05-Mar-14 09:40:19

god didn't even occur to me and I flew at 8 wks although was only to Belfast from Edinburgh and the flight time was shorter than the drive to the airport...30mins.

thanks for this thread thinking of going on holiday in April so good to know

Elastigrrrl Wed 05-Mar-14 12:17:12

I wouldn't necessarily keep them on for longer than comfortable if it was me. I've been on several flights (am now 27 weeks), used them for the longest 12 hour ones (and took them off a couple hours later), but not the short hops, just made sure I moved around a LOT on every flight, kept blood pumping, drank liquids (though that is unrelated I believe) etc. it is probably one of those issues where you individually weigh up how much you feel you need to minimise risk. For me it was low enough just to wear the socks for a bit after the long flights.

ismarah Fri 07-Mar-14 17:53:17

Plate I'm in the same boat, travelling trans-atlantic at 23 and 27 weeks. The flight socks are a good idea but you can take them off once you land, particularly if you walk around for a bit. In order to get DVT non-preggo you have to literally not move a muscle for quite a long time. Being preggers means you're more at risk of DVT anyway but as long as you drink loads of water and do a spot of pacing (which, lets face it, we will be doing if nothing more than to the toilet every 5 mins with all the water) on board and then move a bit afterwards then you should be fine.
If you were going on a 6hr flight, followed by a 6hr drive and then a conference you might want to wear the sexy sexy flight socks for longer.

Plateofcrumbs Fri 07-Mar-14 19:49:38

Well after all of that have been working long hours all week and haven't had the opportunity to buy any and we're flying first thing tomorrow! Will have to see if I can pick some up at the airport or otherwise will be can-canning down the aisles to keep the DVT at bay!

ismarah Fri 07-Mar-14 21:24:15

Boots do them at the airport. Depending on your location a 24hr Tesco / similar might do too - send DH? Don't worry if not and enjoy the break.

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