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false negative?

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AmeliaStillwell Tue 04-Mar-14 23:17:53

Hi. My name is Amelia and I have a question. Saturday I took two pregnancy tests (one of the cheap lines ones) and both came back with solid lines to say i'm pregnant. I did a digital test the next day to confirm that I was actually pregnant and it said "Not pregnant" then I did another (one of then a "yes or no" one) and said were not pregnant. My question is how accurate are the digital tests? I feel like I am pregnant, but it is so frustrating when one test says no and one says yes. :/

aclxxx Tue 04-Mar-14 23:21:54

Just wanted to say, Don't be discouraged, try again in few days. Best wishes

sleepyhead Tue 04-Mar-14 23:23:19

It depends. Different brands of test have different levels of sensitivity. I think the digital ones are often less sensitive.

The best thing to do is act as if you were (eg taking folic acid if not already), and test again in a couple of days. Fingers crossed for the result you want.

When's your period due? If not due yet then you should get a more definite result by waiting until then if you can bear it. If already due then like I say, wait a couple of days and test again.

False positives are very rare. False negatives often just mean testing too early for the level of bHCG the test is designed to pick up.

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