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positive outcome after 3 mc?

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nearlyreadytopop Tue 04-Mar-14 15:14:12

Trying to reassure myself that this time will be different. Apparently I am perfectly normal and my 3 mc's were bad luck. My first preg resulted in ds, now 3 followed by mc 7 weeks, mmc at 17 weeks (but the baby had stopped growing at 12+3) then another at 7 weeks.
I'm 14 weeks today, 12 week scan was great and next scan on Friday.
I'm so filled with dread that something is going to go wrong. I'm finding it hard to believe that this time will be different.
Does anyone have any positive stories of a lovely squishy new baby after the horrors of recurrent mc?

ithoughtofitfirst Tue 04-Mar-14 15:25:00

Hi there

I hope someone has some positive stories for you, i have no doubt whatsoever somebody will.

You've been through a lot and you must be incredibly strong and just an awesomely positive person for all your experiences. High five woman!

Good luck xxx

MrsPear Tue 04-Mar-14 15:32:31

I won't tell you my stats but let say that what you have been through is crap and I know that from the bottom of my heart. Ds2 was our last throw of the dice we had a bleed at 11 weeks, an op at 17 weeks to stay pregnant, mumbles at 21 weeks and reduced movement at 29 followed by the expected early labour at 31 weeks. But we do have two wonderful boys now so what I am trying to say it is possible to have a positive outcome. Good luck for the scan and let us know how you get on.

MrsPear Tue 04-Mar-14 15:34:25

Oh and the fear is normal but do ask for more support if gets too much - I should have done

Armadale Tue 04-Mar-14 15:38:11

Hi Nearlyready, I'm so sorry to hear about your MC's.

I am currently 17 weeks, basically holding my breath and hoping this one makes it.

I have not yet had a positive outcome, so can't reassure you of that, although I'm sure there will be some posters along soon who can, but just wanted to sympathise and tell you you are not alone.

I know how hard it is to keep on keeping on after having your hopes repeatedly dashed & I also know how hard it is to allow yourself to believe this one will be OK, it is almost a protective mechanism for me to think it won't...

I am having some counselling at a place that specialises in pregnancy loss and I'm finding that really helpful.. I know I can go in there once a week and just let all my fears/worries/grief out which I think is making it easier for me to cope with. Do you have someone you can talk to like this?

Pregnantagain7 Tue 04-Mar-14 15:48:31

Hi firstly congratulations!

I have had 3 miscarriages and 3 beautiful children the youngest being 5 months and he is the squidgiest baby ever! It's so hard to be pregnant even after one miscarriage for me the fear never really leaves but try and stay positive 12 week scan is a huge milestone to reach and I'm sure everything will be fine for you but I totally understand how you're feeling.

There is a really good thread on antenatal clubs for women due in oct after rm but I'm sure they wouldn't mind you jumping on. Sorry cant link!
I am currently almost 8 weeks with number 4 so hoping for a nice straight forward sticky pregnancy! smile

bakingtins Tue 04-Mar-14 15:55:03

nearly glad it is going well! I'm not quite at the happy ending yet but 26 weeks now after 4MC (3 in a row) and all going ok. Good luck for your scan.

Huffpot Tue 04-Mar-14 16:33:11

Hi nearly. First of all I am so sorry for your lossesthanks
I had a late MMC last year at 18 weeks and am pregnant again. This started as twins but lost one after another MMC at 9 weeks.
I completely understand the fear. I already have 2 lovely DS' s so am fortunate in that.
This pregnancy has been awful and I'm only now feeling positive (at 22 weeks) as baby is really amping up the kicks so I know it's alright.
My DP was getting frustrated with me for my negativity and have only just started buying a few bits for baby now.
I think the fear will be underlying the whole way through but it gets easier if that helps...even though I still have a good way to gobiscuit

DomesticGoddess31 Tue 04-Mar-14 17:54:07

So sorry for your losses, but also... congratulations on a fab 12 week scan! I had a 34 weeker followed by 4mcs in a row and now almost 36 weeks preg. The first oooh 24 weeks of my pregnancy were pretty terrifying as I expected to lose this one too and then I was terrified he'd arrive early. Touch wood all is looking good at 36wks. All I can say to you is take each day as it comes. It will go by quicker than you think. Good luck x

CorrieDale Tue 04-Mar-14 17:57:02

I had 3 early m/cs followed by two healthy babies. I fretted my way through both pregnancies. I found knitting baby cardigans helped enormously.

Boogles91 Tue 04-Mar-14 18:14:57

This is my first after the same as you, im currently 21wks tomoz. Its really hard isnt to let yourself get excited! And actually look forward to it, my 20wk scan last week was the first time id looked forward to seeing our lil man without worrying that somethings wrong. Aslong as i feel him wriggling about every day i know hes ok smile but like you i still "dread" that something bad will happen like my waters go too early and he doesnt make it sad everytime i get a new pain or feeling my natural thing is to worry from what has happened. And it is very hard to reassure my mind. I do hope everything goes ok for you chuck smile i first felt lil man kick from 13wks! X

nearlyreadytopop Wed 05-Mar-14 11:46:29

Thanks everyone for all the kind and positive words. I'm feeling better today, a good sleep has helpedsmile

SweetPeaPods Wed 05-Mar-14 16:44:38

Sorry for your losses.
I had 3 mcs before ds who is now 8m. I was anxious throughout but he is absolutely perfect. Like you no reason has been given for my mcs. Now 9 wk pg again and the clinic are scanning me every wk between 6-12 weeks but all looks good so far.

nearlyreadytopop Fri 07-Mar-14 17:42:30

Just to update, all was good at the scan. Kicking and wriggling aboutsmile Thanks for the reassurance.

Armadale Fri 07-Mar-14 17:51:36

Brilliant news smile

bakingtins Fri 07-Mar-14 19:58:36

Great news smile

Mamakate75 Tue 08-Apr-14 23:26:50

Hi nearly. first congrats on the pregnancy. I hope it all continues to go well. Second, I noticed in another thread that you are in NI and were considering being referred to Dr Hunter. Just wondering whether you did or if you are still getting care from your local hospital. I've had 5 miscarriages and Dr H is my Consultant. In three words, love that man! Still waiting on my rainbow baby though...

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