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i swear iim dieing

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samandkat Mon 03-Mar-14 22:24:33

Hi I'm 30 weeks pg with dc 2 and I was admitted to hospital over the weekend I have pain in my lower back and in my bump I also have tightness in my bump my first was emergency c section due to him been breech and my waters breaking at 37.5 week I am low risk to pre eclampsia low risk of pre term Labour and my blood pressure and oxygen are normal and baby is moving fine but I'm in agony but no one knows why

Mogz Tue 04-Mar-14 09:32:01

Probably redundant advice but have you tried having a long warm bath? My back, hips and groin was agony during the third trimester and I ended up spending at least an hour in the tub each day! The tightness cross your bump could be practice contractions, lots of people will tell you they don't hurt but for some women they can bring on some pain. Remember you can take paracetamol and use heat and cool packs as long as they're not on your bump. I hope you get some relief, not too much longer until baby is here.

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