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Baby brings a present.

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Celestae Mon 03-Mar-14 17:49:06

Hello all mumsnetters, I am currently 33+2 weeks pregnant. I already have a DS of 7 years old and a (sort of) step daughter of 9.

My mum came up with an idea that siblings of a new baby can sometimes feel a bit left out when baby is born and suggested getting both a present of a fairly substantial nature ( like the sort of thing you would get for birthday or Christmas) for both of the older children.

Personally I like this idea and would love to do this.

However, since I went on maternity at the beginning of February, I haven't had any money coming in due to a very drawn out process of claiming from the job centre, despite that I claimed weeks earlier than my leaving work date.

Anyway, enough of moaning about money, we are getting by okay, but it's a bit tight, and affording biggish presents for kids right now is hard for us to manage.

The other day I bought DS a little writing journal that is hardback, because he loves to write. I would like to give him this as part of the new baby gift, but feel it's not really enough.

So basically I would like to know all your opinions,
Did you do this when your child was born ?
What kind of present do you think is appropriate?
Any suggestions that won't break the bank? Lol..

And discuss!!

Fairypants Mon 03-Mar-14 17:53:53

I think the book sounds like a great idea. As this isn't a regular celebration, there is no standard type of present. I'd probably add a set of pens or something to make it a whole thing he can start with straight away and something similar on size for your step daughter.
They won't have expectations so you can't really get it wrong.

17leftfeet Mon 03-Mar-14 17:56:44

Dd1 was 2 when I had dd2 and baby brought a £3 unicorn!

Anything that they can use independently or keeps them occupied is fine smile

ohthegoats Mon 03-Mar-14 18:03:06

My new nephew gave my older nephew a tennis racket from a charity shop, and two tennis balls. He was THRILLED.

MooMa42o Mon 03-Mar-14 18:06:00

Congratulations on the upcoming birth! My DD was 11 months old when DS was born so we got her a little toy baby boy she could have of her own, it is by no means the size or money spent but the thought behind it smile x

3littlefrogs Mon 03-Mar-14 18:09:43

My 25 yr old has never forgotten the present his 22 year old brother brought him when he was born. He was thrilled, loved the present and was happily distracted by it when required (when baby brother needed feeding). It was lego BTW and we still have it. grin A very worthwhile investment.

Celestae Mon 03-Mar-14 18:12:48

Thank you all, this gives me a few ideas. Maybe it was my mum that thought it should be more like a "big present" sometimes I take her suggestions to heart. Maybe I'll get him some nice posh writing pens or something, he would love it. As for dsd I think it's better to leave it up to her daddy to decide what to get her.

peeapod Mon 03-Mar-14 18:19:14

im thinking of getting some things from baby for grandma etc. have you thought of a book explaining about baby for them? im sure other mnetters and amazon can help with suggestions.

Strongecoffeeismydrug Mon 03-Mar-14 18:44:06

My middle baby brought his older sister a teddy that said worlds best sister on its jumper( she's 18 now and still has it)
This new baby has just brought ds a book that he has been wanting for a while( not expensive but much wanted ) he now thinks she's ace as she knew what he wanted lolwink

MasterFlea Mon 03-Mar-14 18:51:09

My two DDs are Peppa Pig fans so the baby is bringing them a cuddly peppa each.

MrsCharlesBrandon Mon 03-Mar-14 19:35:28

My DDs got a cheap (£10) digital camera each when their brother was born. Kept them occupied for hours!

DD1 got a care bear when DD2 arrived. She was 20 months old.

I wouldn't have bought something expensive, but something thoughtful that shows baby 'knows' them is a lovely gesture.

Rockchick1984 Mon 03-Mar-14 19:57:26

I don't think it needs to be anything big, but I would be careful to buy similar value / size for your stepdaughter - you don't want any resentment between your DS and DSD, or for her to feel pushed out!

elliejjtiny Mon 03-Mar-14 20:26:23

When my mum was pregnant with my sister I kept telling people that my mummy had a baby in her tummy and I had a teddy in mine. When I visited them in hospital my mum showed me my new baby sister and gave me my teddy that I'd been "pregnant" with (I wish my real births had been like that grin).

All my boys (apart from DS1 obv) have brought their older brother a present, costing around £5 each.

curiousgeorgie Mon 03-Mar-14 20:30:40

My DD's new little sister bought her a camera, one of those kiddie pink ones.

Then my mum took DD1 out and she chose a teddy to buy for the baby smile

chicaguapa Mon 03-Mar-14 20:32:20

DS brought a helium balloon with him. DD (3 at the time) was more interested in the baby. grin

Waitingandhoping Mon 03-Mar-14 22:23:50

We're doing this, but DD1 has chosen her own present as the baby is too little to choose for her grin

LittleMilla Mon 03-Mar-14 22:29:59

Ds2 bought ds1 a balance bike. Ds1 genuinely thought his new baby brother was the kindest person ever and still 8 months on mentions it whenever he's out on it (usually once a week?). He's almost 3 btw.

I genuinely think something personal and meaningful is the way forward. It might also be nice for your ds to choose something for the baby - perhaps give him £10 to spend as he likes?? And if he's bookish then maybe the baby's first story that he can help read? Don't know, you know him best grin

Seff Tue 04-Mar-14 09:51:34

I've got a few things for DD, not from the baby though, and not really "big" presents. She's 3, coming up 4, btw.

I've been stockpiling sticker books and magazines for a few months, as they can come out whilst I'm breastfeeding baby. Have also got some nursery type furniture for her (my old) sylvanian families house and we've a bucket of lego upstairs that we've been saving as something for her and DH to do together too.

It's more things to keep her occupied whilst I'm feeding, and things that we can do together whilst baby is asleep, rather than gifts from the baby. We have been buying things for the baby together though.

LoreleisSecret Tue 04-Mar-14 10:32:11

DS1 got a cheap spongebob fishing game that he loved from DS2 and a St Christopher with 'big brother' engraved as I'm a sentimental old so and so ��

Celestae Thu 06-Mar-14 07:21:55

Suddenly I feel much better about all this. You all have brilliant suggestions and it's given us lots to discuss. I like the idea of giving them a little money to buy something for baby from them too xx thank you all

Boogles91 Thu 06-Mar-14 20:22:54

Personally, i think this spoils kids :/s they will always be expecting to get somethingwhen things like this happen. Like when its one of there birthdays or something.

Purplelooby Thu 06-Mar-14 20:58:12

boogles a new baby is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a child. A gift is hardly going to spoil them.

MistletoeBUTNOwine Thu 06-Mar-14 21:05:43

DS brought dd (8) a necklace with big sister engraved, it was less than a fiver from eBay but put in a lovely little box and hidden in the cot when she came up to hospital gringrin

Strokethefurrywall Thu 06-Mar-14 21:49:04

I'm due any day and we've been thinking about what to get DS1 (2 1/2) - originally we were going to get him a "big" toy but quite honestly he doesn't play with most of his toys anyway and is far more interested in balloons and balls.

So new baby DS will be getting his big brother a helium balloon and a ball! Taking the easy route!

Purplelooby Fri 07-Mar-14 12:08:45

I'm due any day too. DS is 18 months and I'm also swaying away from big toys. I'm thinking sticker books (I bloody hate stickers so this is a proper sacrifice!), but I love the balloon idea too!

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