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upset and being daft

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shadack Mon 03-Mar-14 15:40:49

Am i wrong in wanting my baby to be born tomorrow when i will be 35 +3
the likelihood of it actually happening is very slight but am i wrong to want it more with every passing second and to be desperately symptom watching ?
I have had period cramps, backache, the odd painful BH and a good clear out :s all of which have been happening over the last few days

My Daughter will be named for my aunt who passed away when i was younger we were very close and i still miss her dreadfully, i am unable to visit her grave as i live many miles away
Tomorrow would have been my aunts birthday
I am not daft enough to try to get things moving nor do i want to endanger my LO by being born before her time but i am getting very tearful thinking that it will pass by and that i am unable to even travel to put flowers on her grave
I will admit to it making me feel very upset that it may pass without me being able to celebrate her life
Please tell me i need to get a grip and just wait it out she will come when she is ready

Groovester Mon 03-Mar-14 15:44:57

To mark my mum's passing, I always but flowers but keep them in the house. They don't have to be on a grave to commemorate a loved one. You could do that and maybe light a candle for your aunt too? That way you are still thinking of her and sending her your love?
Much love x

teasleromani123 Mon 03-Mar-14 16:05:35

All I going to say is the longer your baby is in you the stronger and healthier your baby will be..
I don't think your wrong in wanting you baby to be born tomorrow, just think tho if you did, every birthday your baby will have, all you gonna do I cry! because that another year since your aunt died! so your child will maybe have a crap bday because all you will do is CRY! and you also don't want your baby to see you upset, because they will also be upset because of you! I don't think your wrong just a little emotional.. trust me I know!! my sister was born the day my nana died! shes now 16 and hates her bdays because my dad just cries!!!!

I buy flowers and light candles for my nana.. make me feel better to know I can still send my love to her without going to the grave...
All the best

TheOnlySeven Mon 03-Mar-14 16:41:21

I'm sorry about your aunt, I agree you should buy some flowers and light a candle to remember her.

I can understand wanting your DD to be born tomorrow, but perhaps I can give you some perspective. My DS was born at 35+5, DD1 was 35+6, both fine with no problems apart from being too early to BF. DD2 was born at 35+4, I didn't get to hold her for 12 minutes, she was out in the corridor being resussitated. DH watched and honestly thought she was going to die. I held her for 2 minutes before she was taken to SCBU, honestly that night was the worst of my life, being kept awake by other crying babies on the ward when I couldn't hold my own. Your baby is in the best place x

shadack Mon 03-Mar-14 19:02:17

Thanks for the ideas
the flowers are unfortunately a no go as i am very allergic and would end up sneezing baby out if i had them in the house grin
but i will have to do the candle idea if i can find somewhere safe to put them

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