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Pregnant with baby number two and still can't get baby number one in his own bed

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mrsm22 Mon 03-Mar-14 07:59:35

Hi all, I wondered if anyone had experienced the same problem where they have had a child/toddler who won't go in their own bed and how they overcame this. I know this is my own fault and really regret ever bringing my DS into our bed but he is 2 now and I am expecting number 2 in June and am worried in case I really can't get him to sleep in his own bed. He slept fine in his cot but then I tried to move him into a toddler/junior bed and he never took to it and I can't really remember how it happened but he started to want to come into our bed and probably through tiredness I just let him sleep with us in our bed. He's a good sleeper, he will have a bottle and fall asleep and sleeps through most nights but only with me next to him. I really want to try and sort this by the time my new baby came. So we decided to sell the junior bed and buy a new one and last night I tried to get him in it. I managed to give him a bottle in the new bed and got him off to sleep but I had to lay in the bed with him for hours and every time I tried to quietly creep out, he would wake and cry so in the end we both went back to my and my DH's bed. Nightmare! I feel really bad as it's my fault and not his as he won't understand why I'm trying to put him in this new bed, it's a single bed too so bigger and more room which I thought would be better. I thought I would be able to creep out once he was asleep and that would be the job solved. Do I try again tonight and keep trying the same? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Inglori0us Mon 03-Mar-14 08:24:11

I used No Cry Sleep Solution book. It's a very gentle and common sense method and it works.
You can move him, but it will take a period of adjustment. The key is consistency and perseverance. It will take him a little while to get used to it, and it'll be a tough week for everyone but it'll be worth it in the end.
Best of luck.

Beanypip Mon 03-Mar-14 10:30:31

can u try sitting next to him on a chair until he goes to sleep. my dh does bedtime for dd1 whos just 2 and hes always had to sit on the chair next to the bed (a normal single) she has a little play then settles down once shes asleep he sneaks out. if she wakes in the night we just sit next to her again (in the freezing cold on a wooden chair trying not to fall asleep!) he used to get her to sleep on our bed and move her until she got too heavy. maybe one of them might work for you? x

hubbahubster Mon 03-Mar-14 13:39:52

If he's happy in his cot can you put him back in it? Maybe he's just not ready for a big bed. My DS is 2.5 and still in his cotbed, I've dropped one side but not converted it to a proper bed yet. I'm expecting DC2 in May and always thought I'd move DS out of the cotbed so DC2 could have it, but actually he's a great sleeper and perfectly happy in his cotbed, so I'd rather leave him in it and let him (and us!) sleep.

I've bought DC2 a secondhand cot instead. smile

Slippydippysoap Mon 03-Mar-14 15:18:45

My DD is the same. I don't mind it enough to do anything about it (partly because I luffs sleepy cuddles) I think she might go in her own bed when my bump gets so huge she doesn't fit grin

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