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feeling lonely in my pregnancy

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ellisj Sun 02-Mar-14 18:12:01

Hi is anyone else feeling very lonely in there pregnsncy, yes I do have a bf but we only really meet up once a week his useless at calling and texting so I dont hear from him as much as I want. Im 6+2 and am really happy about this pregnancy!! Ive had 2 mc last year so the fear of that happening again is killing me, I actually sat up most of last night in tears, that is just not me. Not heard from my bf all weekend as his in Portugal playing golf!! No time to call . me..... im feeling like im doing this one my own already

Lucky3878 Sun 02-Mar-14 18:21:59

Oh no, sending you big massive hugs. I'm not pregnant at the moment but when I have been my husband has been useless!!! I'm hoping your boyfriend plans to be around more as you get further along and most certainly when your little one arrives? It is a lonely time, scary, emotional and once pregnancy symptoms kick in a pain in the bum at times. Especially with your first I know in my husbands case he didn't quite understand or know what too do and in fact until our baby arrived I don't think he really believed we were getting a baby!!! Try and stay calm, positive and healthy and definitely have a word with your boyfriend when he gets home. Hope he can be around to support you more x

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