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Confused 5 weeks and spotting...

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Squirrel14 Sun 02-Mar-14 12:14:29

I found out I was pregnant on the 18th, af was due the 20th.
I ov around the 8th feb... I was using opks.
So I should be approx 5weeks 3 days.
I've had sickness and sore boobs, headaches etc since pos test.
Yesterday evening I suddenly stopped feeling pregnant, oh went and got a clear blue digi test that has the how far along you are Indictator and it says 1-2 weeks meaning 3-4 weeks my docs time. This worried me, but as it wasn't first morning wee I thought I would retest this morning.
I used an opk, and that's got a strong result on, darker than the control line. I used the other clear blue test with fmu and it's still 1-2 weeks.... I took them both apart, as you do lol, and today's line is darker.
During the tests I wiped, (10amish) and there was pink spotting (tmi) mixed in with standard clear mucusy discharge. No more has come out since... Yet, but I feel off, and have a slightly ache tummy, down low.
What should I do? Do any of you think my dates and the tests saying 1-2 weeks are to worry about? I have a doc appointment tomorrow to book in pregnancy... Hoping they will be able to offer me some comfort in a scan or a test of my levels etc....

Hevava Sun 02-Mar-14 12:24:20

Hi squirrel14

I wouldn't worry too much about the dates on the test.... the doctor/ midwife will work it out for you or you can use an online calculator if you prefer. Pregnancy tests can be a bit hit and miss.

As for the spotting- did it happen at the time when you might've expected your period? Sometimes you can get breakthrough bleeding if your hormones are still on autopilot. Generally I think a bit of spotting isn't considered too worrying, especially if it's only happened the once. Might be worth mentioning it too the doctor when you see them.

Squirrel14 Sun 02-Mar-14 12:28:38

Spotting was today, af was due the 20th...
Thanks, I am trying not to worry... I have a history of losses though, so I am terrified. Last month af I had a chemical pregnancy... Now this.
I have a lot of stress on... Family court hearing soon, and I'm worried this isn't helping.

squizita Sun 02-Mar-14 12:31:47

I have a history of MC and had spotting at 5 weeks this time (and a couple of times since). Thankfully getting towards the end of trimester 1 now having had reassurance scans. If it's just spotting fx all is OK.

Hevava Sun 02-Mar-14 12:37:11

Sorry to hear about your losses :-( I've been there too- it makes it so hard to believe that things could possibly work out for the good doesn't it? And with lots of other stressful stuff going on it sounds like you've got quite a plateful.

I was suffering from severe anxiety a few weeks ago and asked the doctor about whether it would be affecting the baby- he said it was unlikely to do much harm and not to add that to my list of worries

As you probably already know from your history if something is going to go wrong then it's often down to a problem at a genetic level (ie. at the point of conception) or the placenta not developing rather than anything to do with how you are feeling or what you are doing/ not doing so try to relax and wait it out until you can get a scan or blood test.

Hope it all works out well for you

Squirrel14 Sun 02-Mar-14 12:41:41

Thanks for your support... I've just checked and the loss is now red... So I am guessing this is it. Hopefully the docs will be able to do some tests now and see what is going on with me, as they haven't done before.

Hevava Sun 02-Mar-14 12:45:56

Oh dear....I'm sorry to hear that :-( I'll be thinking of you.
Frustrating when these things happen on a Sunday and you can't just go straight to the doctors!

Squirrel14 Sun 02-Mar-14 12:54:26

Yeah, it has always happened on a Sunday... Weird that. Thanks a lot though for your support and coming back. I'm so gutted, I hope i miscarry quickly now, I can't face the thought of this dragging out for weeks now.

Boogles91 Sun 02-Mar-14 12:59:55

Ive been there too! It does make it harder to bileve everythings going to turn out for the best. My 20 week scan was the first time ive looked forward to seeing lil man on the screen, ive always dreaded with my other scans that they wernt going to find his heartbeat anymore and its so hard to stay strong, especially when you have history of bad anxiety aswell! Sometimes you can get what they call implantation bleeding, ive had that with all my pregnancys but the best part about it was i didnt even know lol i thought it was just my monthly occurance starting smile and i was 7wks gone when i thought i was only 5 when i had my first early scan smile i thought i was ill as i have bad kidneys, so i went docs to have a natter n get my blood results and she said that it was clear i was pregnant smile xx

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