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Tilted uterus and unable to pee in 3rd pregnancy

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lostlalaloopsy Sun 02-Mar-14 08:17:00

On Thursday I woke up struggling to pee, thought it was UTI but by Friday I could barely pass anything and was in agony. So went to local hospital and got a catheter - the relief was wonderful and I passed 2 litres! The doctor thought that it was a combination of tilted womb, I'm only 13 weeks, and constipation as I'd not been for a few days. So I've come home with catheter in, but just really worried about getting it out incase it happens again. This is my 3rd pregnancy and have never had any problems like this before, anyone else had similar and does it get better? Thanks

MummytoMog Sun 02-Mar-14 09:21:07

I've been having the opposite problem - ten weeks with a retroverted uterus, and third pregnancy. I need to pee all the time, but then struggle to completely empty my bladder. I've been doing that leaning forward thing, but I'm hoping it will sort itself out once my uterus rises out of my pelvis. Has your uterus moved forward yet?

CersaiLannisterBaratheon Sun 02-Mar-14 09:34:02

I have the same problem. At 32 weeks, I need to pee constantly, and I have to tilt forward to get it all out. And even then I don't think I ever get it all out.

I have to stand up, lean forward and squeeze and even then, I still feel like I need to pee 2 minutes later.

lostlalaloopsy Sun 02-Mar-14 14:37:24

Thanks for the replies!

I did have the urge to pee, that's all I wanted to do but just nothing came out!! I don't think my uterus has moved forward, had a scan a couple of weeks ago and it was still tilted. I'm just worrying that it will keep happening until I give birth.

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