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Pregnancy Confusion

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Vickitoriana Sat 01-Mar-14 15:05:26

Hi guys,

I think i know the answer to this but i am confused as hell here... I did the baby dance on new years day and since then i have had i feeling i am pregnant.

Firstly, symptoms... Nausea, crazy arsed tiredness, my boobs are a cup size bigger but not sore, heart burn and crazy emotions. Sounds promising doesn't! However, i spotted 10 days after DTD, which at the time i thought might be implantation. So took a test and there was a faint line, but subsequent BFNs followed. I then had what i thought was a light period but the nausea continued. Then other symptoms have come on gradually since and i bleed again for a day this month, which only required one pad.

I have been feeling really crap this week, tired and sick and a bit dizzy at times. I did a digi last night which was still BFN, although when i removed the cartridge there were two lines ( this test has removable cartridges, i didn't take it apart) but research suggests this should be ignored!

Anyway, i have just done a Boots blue dye test and it had a very faint line again!? My DD could see it too, so wasn't hallucinating! The line has now faded and is barely visible!

If i am PG i am nine weeks so any ideas why the line might be so faint... I suffered a mc last year and am a little anxious about this. Also would you guys disregard the line i had just now as its virtually invisible now?

Help! smile

AuntieStella Sat 01-Mar-14 15:10:50

What the hell is a baby dance? A Voodoo spell or something like that?

But as it is more than 14 days since unprotected intercourse, a test should be reliable, and that's with ordinary use, not dismantling one.

Perhaps go and see your GP? Your body can sometimes throw a weird one for no apparent reason, or there may be tests they want to run.

Vickitoriana Sat 01-Mar-14 15:23:20

The baby dance is a polite way of saying shagging! ;)

Vickitoriana Sat 01-Mar-14 15:25:02

Oh, i didn't dismantle the digi... It's one that comes with two removable cartridges!

SidandAndyssextoy Sat 01-Mar-14 15:26:14

I think you can safely say shagging on Mumsnet. Baby dancing is a bit more dangerous.

I'd do another test and see if another line appears. If not, it is worth visiting the GP to see what they say.

CleverWittyUsername Sat 01-Mar-14 15:43:19

Can you just get another brand to check? First response or Clearblue one of those digi ones so there's no doubt?

squizita Sat 01-Mar-14 17:17:31

Babydance or bd is a phrase I learned 1st from mumsnet... I think its conception and pregnancy board slang! smile

Vickitoriana Sat 01-Mar-14 17:43:17

Thanks for confirming that babydance slang is slang for shagging. It always makes me giggle!

SidandAndyssextoy Sat 01-Mar-14 17:50:10

We all know what it's slang for. A sizeable number of MNetters find it unutterably twee though.

squizita Sat 01-Mar-14 18:16:26

Sorry sid I genuinely had no idea it was contraversial! It just seemed universal and no one objected.

Vickitoriana Sat 01-Mar-14 18:51:32

Why is it controversial?

cookielove Sun 02-Mar-14 12:50:05

My sister says baby dance (bleurgh)

Try with a first response!

PurpleWithaMysteryBun Sun 02-Mar-14 13:02:10

Use a red dye test first thing in the morning and go to the GP to discuss, might you need a blood test to confirm.

Vickitoriana Sun 02-Mar-14 13:39:31

@cookielove.. So its not offensive then, just personal preference! Well i won't apologies for not catering for that!

cookielove Sun 02-Mar-14 13:44:55

Well I thought baby dance originated from Usa/Canada and has emigrated over here! (Sister is living in Canada)

Whatever terminology you use is up to you, i'm not fussed all I care about is whether your pregnant or not! <nosy> grin

Vickitoriana Sun 02-Mar-14 17:55:29

@cookielove... You and me both. smile

Gonna go to the Dr in the morning...whether it's a baby or a illness causing this I guess its time to see someone. Might save first wee of the day and test when i get back.

cookielove Sun 02-Mar-14 18:38:36

Thats a good idea smile

PurpleWithaMysteryBun Tue 04-Mar-14 22:09:41

Any news? smile

Missingcaffeine Tue 04-Mar-14 22:41:54

It's best to test with an early morning wee as the urine and therefore hormones are more concentrated and you're more likely to see a line. Even a faint line is positive though, so sounds like you are!

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