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Unexpected pregnancy at 40...

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maia11 Sat 01-Mar-14 00:57:44

Hi there. I am 39 (will be 40 when it comes along) have recently found out I am 3 months pregnant with my first child. Of course I am delighted and ecstatic for the future - I thought I was never going to start a family due to my age and trouble finding Mr. Right.

A few things though, I am not married to the father, nor do I actually live with him. Our relationship is far from serious as we've only been together for 5 months, and we've done 'it' for the first time, which has resulted in a pregnancy.

I told him I was expecting our first child, and not surprisingly was he shocked because of our unique circumstances. We discussed abortion and adoption, and how we would raise a baby if we were to keep it. We even thought about moving in together, though we aren't even ready to do that let alone have children together!.

When I google unwed parents, or unexpected pregnancies or the like, it comes up with teenage pregnancies, and if I look at unexpected pregnancies in your 30's/40's, it comes up with parents who have teenagers that are expecting children, So I was just wondering if anyone is in a similar position as me?

Suzanne73 Sat 01-Mar-14 03:47:16

I am in a similar situation. I am 35 weeks pregnant. I was with my ex partner for 18 months. I am 40 he is 55. We were going to move in together, wedding was booked and we had decided to try for a baby. I was due to move in to his when he changed his mind. I had given up my tenancy and was then homeless with my 2 older children. 10 and 17. I have a 19 year old in university. Luckily I have a good family and friends and was able to find somewhere to live quite quickly. I have tried my best to remain friendly with him as he has his own issues an I want him to be part of baby's life. But it's hard not to feel resentful now the hurt has passed.

MooseBeTimeForSnow Sat 01-Mar-14 04:36:51

I was a week away from my 37th birthday when DS was born. Had been married 16 years!

CristaBell Sat 01-Mar-14 09:18:58

Congratulations on your pregnancy smile

I wouldn't worry, a baby might make your relationship stronger and it might not. Either way, I believe everything happens for a reason.....

Enjoy your pregnancy and take each day as it comes with your new man, I hope it all works out for you.


ElleDubloo Sat 01-Mar-14 17:19:29

Congratulations! Your worries about the early stage of your relationship makes me think of the movie Knocked Up - a wonderfully life-affirming film and I'd recommend you watching it if you haven't already smile

I'm very happy for you, and hope that the baby brings you and your relationship many blessings!

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