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Anyone age 40+ get induced on due date?

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mowmylawn Fri 28-Feb-14 21:34:08

So apparently on the NHS they don't want you to go over your due date if you are 40+ yrs old as the risk of stillbirth is higher the further past 40 weeks the pregnancy goes.

For anyone who was induced because of their age, how did that work? Did they wait until your due date and then see if anything was happening, or did they induce anyway (as long as you weren't already in actual labour, of course). Did they let you go a few days over?

I ask because my due date is on the same day my midwife has her appointments at the surgery, and she will do me a sweep on my due date so I'd really like to wait a day or two to see if that does anything before they induce (I went into labour the day after my sweep last time, but it could have been a coincidence). Thanks!

Irishmammybread Fri 28-Feb-14 22:26:16

Hi, I'm 32 weeks pregnant(and just turned 46!) and I've also been told I'll be induced due to "advanced maternal age".
I've 3 DC who all were overdue (between 3 and 14 days).
I've been given an appointment to be admitted to hospital for induction on my due date,though I have another growth scan at 34 weeks so I presume thay can revise this if they think they need to.
I spoke to my DD2's friend's mum today who's a midwife at a different hospital and she said it's their policy to induce older mums at 39 weeks, so it seems to vary.
I'll be interested to hear other people's experiences of induction too!

OneEggIsAnOeuf Fri 28-Feb-14 22:58:30

I was 40 when i had ds and went 10 days over my due date before being induced.

I was due to have a sweep on my due date but didn't as my waters broke the night before. I didn't go into labour though. I had to go to hospital every day for monitoring because of the risk of infection to ds. They wanted to induce asap but i'd planned for a homebirth and wanted to try everything to get him out naturally. After 10 days they wouldn't leave it any longer and i was induced (he still didn't want to come out but that's another thread). All was well in the end.

I don't recall my age being an issue at all, but then i was just over 40 - the concern was much more about the rupture of membranes.

7to25 Fri 28-Feb-14 23:08:46

I had my last DS at 45. They wanted to induce me at 38 weeks but I begged to be allowed to go naturally. I had to be scanned every two days and then at 40+5 I was induced with no problems. I was threatened with a section if I did not deliver with ease, but I did!

Monkeybrain10 Fri 28-Feb-14 23:28:39

My sister was given a sweep 2 weeks before her due date and was then induced on the due date as nothing had happened. Sounds like it varies slightly depending on where u live.

panicmechanic Sat 01-Mar-14 10:13:20

I was 39 and induced at 38 weeks it is our hospital policy for any one over 38.

I did have a previous stillborn DS so they were also being cautious with me. The induction wasn't a big deal .

Foxeym Sat 01-Mar-14 14:44:45

I'm 42 and had CS at 39 weeks, they were adamant I wasn't to go over 40 weeks?? (DC3)

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