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Raspberry leaf tea

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Inglori0us Fri 28-Feb-14 17:49:35

When should I start on this and how much should I have?
Does it actually work?

MoonHare Fri 28-Feb-14 17:57:17

It's supposed to make your contractions more effective when you are in labour (not bring labour on).

I built it up starting with 2 or 3 cups a day at 34 weeks to 5 or 6 cups a day from 38 weeks with each of my 3 pregnancies and had 3 very straightforward labours. It may have helped it may not have.

Who knows whether it actually works but I wouldn't contemplate not drinking it if I was ever pregnant again.

Slh122 Fri 28-Feb-14 17:59:43

I drank about 4 or 5 cups a day from about 34 weeks onward. I had a very short labour (DS arrived 9 hours after my waters broke, after 50 minutes in active labour) at 38+5 weeks.
Like MoonHare I have no idea whether it worked or not, but if I were to have another baby I'd definitely drink it.

FrankelInFoal Fri 28-Feb-14 18:01:57

You can also take it in capsule form - Holland and Barrett sell it.

I don't know if it works but research has suggested that it can shorten labour and aid milk production. It has not been proven to bring labour on.

They suggest that you don't take it before 34 weeks to be on the safe side, I've been taking it on an ad hoc basis since 37 weeks and am 39+3 now so hoping it kicks in soon!

PastaandCheese Fri 28-Feb-14 18:37:14

It is also supposed to help with after pains so don't stop taking it as soon as you give birth.

Karen1226 Fri 28-Feb-14 19:29:13

I drank a cup a day from 37 weeks and had a five hour labour with 3 minutes of pushing at 40+1 and I've had a really good milk supply since. I don't know if it made a difference but I know my mum and sister were induced for all their labours at 40+12 and neither could breast feed due to lack of supply. I would def drink it next time.

Inglori0us Fri 28-Feb-14 19:40:56

Thank you!
I bought a box of 40 tea bags to start with and I'll get on to it from next week when I'll be 34 weeks. My last labour was 50 hours so hopefully it'll be a bit quicker this time.
Any other remedies or supplements to recommend?

Inglori0us Fri 28-Feb-14 21:45:37

If the capsules are stronger I'll get some of those!

Cariad007 Sat 01-Mar-14 11:01:31

I took the capsules from 36 weeks and my pushing stage lasted all of an hour. Have been taking them post-birth too as apparently they help contract the uterus back to normal size, and my stomach is flatter than it was before I got pregnant!

PastaandCheese Sat 01-Mar-14 11:12:16

I think it's a moot point inglorious. I was told the capsules are stronger but the tea is better absorbed into your system.

I think maybe it's a bit like vitamin tablets? The vitamins are better absorbed through eating the right foods but that means drinking lots of the tea which doesn't taste very nice!

In short I think people choose what they prefer!

MummyPig24 Sat 01-Mar-14 20:50:52

I started drinking it at about 35 weeks, 2 cups a day.

Inglori0us Sat 01-Mar-14 21:25:16

Thanks. Can you take too much of it?

MicroPigInHighHeels Sun 02-Mar-14 10:06:33

Sorry to hijack, but does anyone know if it's ok to take if you've have a previous c-section? Hoping for vbac this time round and would like to try raspberry leaf but not if it's going to have implications on old scar area.

Inglori0us Sun 02-Mar-14 13:34:10

I don't know Micro. Maybe somebody ends will. I definitely haven't heard that it's a bad idea if you've had a section but you never know. Hang on I'll look at the packet.

Inglori0us Sun 02-Mar-14 13:36:14

The Clipper box says "if pregnant seek medical advice before drinking". My midwife is on holiday, that's why I asked here.

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