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Weight gain/loss in pregnancy

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firsttimemummy2109 Fri 28-Feb-14 07:43:42

Hi all!

I'm new! I just wanted to ask about people's weight gain/loss. I am currently 31 weeks and when I first got pregnant the midwife at my booking appointment was adamant I would end up having GD as my BMI was over 30. During my pregnancy I haven't gained a single pound - in fact I've lost 4.

Is it normal to lose weight if your bigger to start with? My start weight was 17.13 so I was overweight. I am eating plenty and plenty of the right foods too.

Has anyone else experienced this??

Janem001 Fri 28-Feb-14 08:30:27

I lost weight. Ate sensibly, cut out the crap and carried on with my usual exercise and lost weight. I was overweight to begin with and I feel a million times better than I did at this point in my first pregnancy. I am 35+2 now. Last time I was hospitalised by 34 weeks with PE. Every doc/midwife I've seen has said it's fine, better in fact.

greentshirt Fri 28-Feb-14 08:35:13

Yeah I believe it's fine done properly, if you think if the cals you just have been eating to maintain 17 stone, changing some habits would certainly be enough for you to lose weight and still have plenty left for baby.

Im 34 weeks and have gained 31lbs so far. Could probably have done less but I have given in to literally every single urge and then some so I'm fairly pleased with that overall!

firsttimemummy2109 Fri 28-Feb-14 09:11:03

Thanks guys, I do feel incredibly well and I don't look pregnant everywhere - just a lovely rounded bump!

Cariad007 Fri 28-Feb-14 10:37:45

At 36 weeks I'd put on 7 kilos since my 12 week booking-in appointment but when they weighed me just before I gave birth I'd lost 2 of those. Baby was 3.8 kilos and I've pretty much lost the rest of the weight since he was born 8 days ago. My stomach is actually flatter (though a bit flabbier) than before I got pregnant!

HelenHen Fri 28-Feb-14 10:43:43

I've got gallstones and the first couple of months were he'll so I've had to cut out most of the fat from my diet. I was a 16 when I got pregnant and I reckon I'm almost down to a 12 (apart from the bump obviously). I've had to get my engagement ring taken in three sizes cos it kept flying off if I waved my hand about. I can't wait to have baby and see how slim I am and rock my new figure grin . I've probably got it completely wrong though lol.

Writerwannabe83 Fri 28-Feb-14 11:06:32

I'm very jealous!!

I am 36 weeks pregnant and have so far put on 2 stone and 9lbs (37lbs)!!

Baby is huge though so I'm blaming him!!! grin

I was only little to start with though (BMI was 19.7) so I expected to gain a lot of weight.

Evie2014 Fri 28-Feb-14 16:30:31

A pregnant friend of mine has lost 12 kilos since she got pregnant (she's 32 weeks now). She was very overweight to start with and very into her long boozy all-you-can-eat buffets. Obviously when she got pregnant and stopped all that (and also had bad MS so she was eating a fraction of what she would consume normally) she lost a ton of weight. Doctors seem very happy with her and she's a lot healthier than she was.

Now I have put on about 20 kilos (twins!!) at 23 weeks. My doc isn't at all worried even though I'm told she's very strict usually about weight gain (2 sacs 2 placentas and lots of liquid).

I know which end of the scale I'd rather be though (shifts massive bulk off chair to fetch more Gaviscon)… jealous!

ToriaPumpkin Fri 28-Feb-14 16:39:29

Sounds like my first pregnancy OP. I had three GTTs because having a high BMI meant I was obviously going to get GD. I didn't. I lost weight for the first 19 weeks and weighed less a week after he was born than I did at my booking appt. He weighed 9lbs, so not small, but my husband was 10lbs+ so not entirely unexpected!

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