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When to see GP for morning sickness?

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Zara8 Thu 27-Feb-14 12:35:58

Hi all,

Wondering when I should see GP for morning sickness - it is starting to become extreme and interfering with ability to function or care for my DS sad

I will be 7 weeks pregnant on Saturday. I have been nauseous for 2 weeks, and this past week have been throwing up at least every day, in the past couple of days I am vomiting 3+ times a day, day and night.

Literally nothing helps - I am trying everything I did last time, eg dry toast, small sips of water, but I am still vomiting. Had to leave work early yesterday and I am dreading going in on Monday.

I had half a small plain potato for lunch and just threw that up sad

Met a friend thus morning who's as unsympathetic and said until I was throwing up 12+ times a day there was nothing anyone could do, and any medicines would hurt the baby. She is a nurse and pregnant herself but I was a bit hmm at her response.

Advice? Already this is far worse than I ever had with DS. Worried GP will laugh at me and fob me off sad I am not even 7 weeks though, dreading how much worse it's going to get.

DS is napping now which means I can lie in bed for a few hours at least.

MrsMonkeyBear Thu 27-Feb-14 12:55:21

If you aren't keeping anything down, get to your GP. If you are dehydrated then it's not going to do either you or the baby any good.

Hope u feel better soon.

ChazzerChaser Thu 27-Feb-14 14:14:13

I went to gp when I was throwing up once a day and got medication. Your friend's advice seems odd.

K8eee Thu 27-Feb-14 21:24:58

totally agree with the whole not keeping anything down get hold of a Dr. that would worry me a lot, hope you feel better soon op thanks

MissYamabuki Thu 27-Feb-14 22:07:12

Your friend's advice is seriously dangerous
2 issues here:
Solids: you might be able to keep going for a few days on a calorie deficit (because you are keeping little or no food down). Not desirable, though, especially when you're pregnant.
Fluids: if you can't keep fluids down you won't last long.Two days, maybe?
Go to your gp and ask them to test your ketones. This tells the real story of how your body is coping with the lack of nutrients. They should also be able to establish how dehydrated you are. Based on that there are guidelines drs have to follow - maybe someone on the hyperemesis support thread can provide a link.

Oh and there are a few types of medication that are safe to take during pregnancy: cyclizine, ondasetron, domperidone etc. My baby and many others are fine and we would not have made it without treatment. Your friend was just really out of order!

Good luck and hope you feel better soon

icklekid Fri 28-Feb-14 05:15:47

I was throwing up 6+ times a day even when nothing in my stomach from very early 6 weeks maybe? Been on medication as have lots of people I know who suffered. Without it I couldn't function at work or even do anything at home. Even with medication I'm sick every day, am very careful when and what I eat but is manageable (21 weeks!)

LightTripper Fri 28-Feb-14 08:28:34

I went to GP just throwing up once a day, and she prescribed something for me. I didn't take it much in the end because it didn't help much, but it was good to know I had it as a back up for meetings etc. and I'm confident if I'd gone back she would have helped me try to find something else.

Definitely worth going to see what they can do - you sound much worse than I was. Even throwing up once a day I lost half a stone in the first couple of months, so it's perfectly reasonable to be worried and see if the can find something that will help.

Good luck, and don't let your friend make you feel bad. Some people seem to think suffering is good for the soul. They are odd.

LT xx

Zara8 Fri 28-Feb-14 15:40:58

Thanks all. I went to GP this morning (and had a big cry in her office) and she prescribed me cyclazine. It certainly has made a difference although makes me quite drowsy, will try and limit to 1 tab a day if poss. Puts the nausea in the background, if that makes sense. She also said to be quick to go to the hospital for an iv drip if I continue vomiting.

Really glad I went, and feeling a bit hmmhmm at my friend for being so unsupportive

Thank you lovely people smile

Zara8 Fri 28-Feb-14 15:42:31

They tested my ketones and I was just on edge of not being dehydrated apparently, so glad I went to GP instead of leaving it

kirstyw1988 Wed 03-Jan-18 12:00:51

Can anybody give any advice on when you should see your GP for morning sickness please? I am almost 10 weeks and have been suffering really badly for the past 3 weeks. I've probably had 2 days max when I haven't thrown up once. Today is the worst day - been sick 4 times so far, haven't eaten anything or kept any water down. I feel like I can't enjoy anything as it is making me so miserable and I just constantly feel ill.

Lifeofpies Wed 03-Jan-18 12:21:52

See the GP now! If you’re desperate you can also buy Promethazine (usually under the brand name avomine) over the counter - this is what I have on prescription and I currently take one 25mg tablet at night. It has reduced my vomiting, but not the nausea. There is a HG support thread on this forum full of useful advice.

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