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No weight gain for 6 weeks

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Bb14 Wed 26-Feb-14 22:52:31

I'm now 32 weeks and haven't gained any weight since being 26 weeks. My total weight gain is 10lb. Wouldn't be too worried but my growth scan showed a small baby. The sonographer said they should gain 1 lb a fortnight at this point. I have another scan on Monday just hope I'm shrinking rather than baby not growing! I'm on nasty meds that make me feel sick but being sensible and eating little and often. Anyone else had any experience?

PleaseBonkMeMoreGently Thu 27-Feb-14 12:13:47

I had a small baby at 31 weeks, and was also very thin. I can't remember how much weight I'd put on, but really was off food. Anyway, they scanned twice a week (for fluid levels as well), and eventually decided the baby was stopping growing. I was pulled into hospital for a week and monitored twice a day, then induced at 35 weeks. He spent a few days in SCBU till he could suck for himself, but was totally healthy.

They said at 31 weeks that the lungs were fully formed, so I didn't need to worry if he came any time from then on, but they managed to string it out a bit longer.

Remember, lots of babies are just 'small because that's how they are', not because anything's wrong. It's a good thing you're having these scans - it means the hospital is on the ball and if it stops growing they'll manage it.

I have another routine growth scan in a few weeks - It sounds mad, but I'm more worried about childcare if I get pulled into hospital than I am about the baby not being OK even if it's looking small. I know the hospital will have this under control, and the baby will soon be big enough to do well even if it's a bit early.

Sorry you're struggling so much to eat - are any of : crisps, plain biscuits, orange juice or bananas any use? They're my pick-me-ups when I'm feeling really weak. The other thing I notice with medication is that I feel more drugged and ill when I'm not eating much, and actually have less side effects when I'm eating more. I don't know why though.

Hope you feel better soon and Monday goes well

ThedementedPenguin Thu 27-Feb-14 12:17:10

I'm nearly 35 weeks. To my booking in appointment at 8 weeks I weighed 64kg, I now weigh 65kg.

I lost a lot of weight in first 16ish weeks. I'm not sure how much but I've put on hardly any weight.

So try not to worry. This baby is measuring small but still on her line and she is following the same line roughly as ds.

PleaseBonkMeMoreGently Thu 27-Feb-14 12:17:52

Remember, underfed women managed to have healthy babies all through WWII - babies take what they need - leaving you feeling the lack of food!

Bb14 Thu 27-Feb-14 12:50:15

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm not worried about me loosing weight just more that it means the baby isn't growing. I'll find out next week. Then I guess like you say the hospital can advise me about what is best.


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