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Really nervous!

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FirsttimerG Wed 26-Feb-14 21:11:44

It is my booking appointment tomorrow and for some reason I am really nervous!! My partner wants to come with me, which is making me more nervous (stupid huh?!)

I also have my parents visiting from overseas on Friday so we are going to tell them (8weeks so really early but the only chance we will get to tell them face to face)
I am 31, yet I am actually feeling embarrassed to tell them (I am not married which will disappoint my mum)

I also had one week of morning sickness and suddenly the symptoms have significantly lessened and now I only have sore breasts so I am worrying frantically about that.

I've turned into a nervous wreck!!!

firstbaby01 Wed 26-Feb-14 23:26:02

congratulationssmile I was really nervous too but it was nothing to worry about just a chat and some bloods. I was even more nervous for my scan but once that was out the way I was fine grin just relax and enjoy the excitement smile

amy246 Thu 27-Feb-14 07:45:11

I had my booking appointment a couple of days ago and although it's just lots of questions and form filling i still found it really exciting! You'll also have bmi checked and your urine, and you'll get lots of leaflets. Congrats on your pregnancy smile

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