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Measuring a week and half over?

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SweetPea86 Tue 25-Feb-14 19:56:21

At midwifes and I'm 32 weeks and she said I was measuring a week and half bigger.

Any body know if this is a problem or will baby continue to get bigger further than I should be?

This is my first I'm a bit clueless

AlwaysDancing1234 Tue 25-Feb-14 20:02:32

Measurement of fundal height is around 1cm per week so 30cm at 30 weeks. But it's just a rough guide and can vary depend on who is going the measuring.
For example I saw midwife and she took measurement which was fine, saw GP same day and his was 3cm different! So when they say you measure week and half over it may only be 1.5cm more than "average"

Inglori0us Tue 25-Feb-14 20:10:06

It's most likely to be positional or fluid related. I've measured between 1 and 7 weeks over at various appointments from 25 weeks until now (33). Nobody is particularly bothered. I've had GTT which was normal and a growth scan showed the baby was big but still within normal range.
Baby is breech and that makes you measure bigger too.
Don't worry! My midwife allows a week over or under anyway. It's not an exact science!!

notso Tue 25-Feb-14 20:28:11

I think they allow a week either way and will probably keep an eye on it.
I was polyhydramnious (too much fluid) with DC3 at 31 weeks I was measuring 41.
It can also depend on how the baby is presenting, also different midwives measure differently.

Amiasmummy Tue 25-Feb-14 21:53:50

I'm 36 + 5 and today I measured 39. The midwife told me they allow 3cm either side of the 'expected' measurement smile What they are looking for more than just one specific measurement is a sudden growth spurt or lack of growth. When I was expecting my daughter I measured 29 at 30 weeks then 42 at 33 weeks confused That was obviously cause for concern so I was referred for an ultrasound. There was too much fluid around my baby, which is why I measured so big. The tape measure method of keeping track of a pregnancy is outdated IMO. Although it can alert midwives to potential problems a lot of the time it takes too long to pick out a pattern in the measurements. I personally feel that there should be more scans offered, but that's a whole other thread! grin

captaincake Tue 25-Feb-14 23:52:09

At my 25 week midwife appointment I measured 30 weeks and got a bit worried. The next day I got measured by the consultant at 26.5 weeks. I will now ignore any further measurements as I have no faith in any sort of accuracy!

LastOneDancing Wed 26-Feb-14 03:44:01

As long as your measurements are following the curve on your chart the MW tend to be happy. I have always measured over the top line blush but had a massive spurt at 32 weeks and asked for a growth scan (turned out to be Polyhydramenios) but - everything crossed, twice - I appear to have shrunk again smile

I was told you can't do anything about PH but since being diagnosed I have been careful to stick to a high protein/ low sugar diet and been drinking gallons of water to try & stop retention - it made me feel better if nothing else.

Ellboo Wed 26-Feb-14 10:36:00

Even if it is a big baby that's not necessarily cause to panic. I meaured big from about 35 weeks and ended up with a very large baby (99th percentile). It meant I saw my midwife a bit more in the last few weeks, had a couple of scans, and they asked me to go for the labour ward instead of a midwife-led birth centre (I agreed) but it was all fine. Lots of people say big babies are easier to birth (have only had one so can't comment on that) - better to be measuring too big than too small anyway I'd say.

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