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All day sickness geting worse at 13 weeks

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emmster85 Tue 25-Feb-14 10:16:35

hi all. smile
I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing nausea and vomiting getting worse past 13 weeks.
I started feel nausea at 7 weeks, then so completely exhausted i have to sleep in the day, then from about 9 weeks I started being sick every other day, now 13 weeks and I am being sick twice to 3 times a day, last night I woke feeling so nausea it kept me awake all night. i will be sick even if there is nothing in my tummy left, my throat is getting really soar, is this normal? is anyone else suffering? thank you

LucindaE Thu 27-Feb-14 12:13:56

As nobody seems by some fluke to have answered this, I think I should. You poor thing. I don't think this is normal sickness, it could well be Hyperemesis. You may well need meds and you certainly need support. Come and join us on the Hyperemesis thread. I think you need to see your GP, too, to explain how bad it is, though they can be dismissive, I know.

rachyconks Thu 27-Feb-14 12:21:16

Yep. In both my pregnancies my sickness got worse around 12-13 weeks. It went away around 22 weeks in my first pg and around 18-19 weeks in this one. Agree with pp advice though, if you feel you aren't coping go to the GP and they will prescribe anti sickness.

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