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Urine/kidney infection

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LSP1985 Tue 25-Feb-14 09:31:07

Hi I've done a search for this but not really answered my question.

I few weeks ago I went to the doctor for a blood pressure/urine check as I was having a severe headache. I'm 33weeks pregnant and was worried about PE.

Anyway he said I had a urine infection and prescribed me amoxicillin which I took. This weekend I had another severe headache plus nausea and went to see the out of hours gp who said I had a severe UTI and protein and prescribed me more amoxicillin. That was 3 days ago and I am still feeling really nauseous and have been vomiting with diarrhoea (TMI). Surely the anti biotics should be working by now? Could it be a kidney infection? I'm going back to the doctor today but my doctor tends to fob me off a lot. I'm worried about prem labour.

Anyone know what I should do or how to make my doctor take my worries seriously?

Just need some advice. This is my second pregnancy and I never had any problems in my first. I thought I would be really chilled out this time but not the case at all.

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