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Very confused!

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w0rkingmum0f2 Mon 24-Feb-14 09:54:41

I've read lots of threads over the past few days whilst looking for answers - lots of people with the same symptoms, but no posts at the end with any reasons why....

I am between 2-3 weeks late for my period, I feel so nauseous, I have no energy (walking up the stairs I could collapse on the floor) and I'm so thirsty. I had convinced myself I was pregnant, as it felt like this before with DS and DD, but 2 tests later still showing negative. DH and I have 'not been trying not to' get pregnant, which is why I was sure we were.

I have been having stabbing pains in my right side, which I assumed was 'in-bedding', but now no idea! I've also had lots of thick discharge this morning (sorry tmi)!

We have been 2 years trying to decide to go for number 3 or not. In the end we decided that we would let nature take it's course and if it happens it happens. When I assumed I was pregnant it was exciting and we both were super happy. Then the negative tests happened and we were actually thinking - phhew! So now I'm just totally confused!

Anyone else with the same symptoms and an outcome? Thank you!

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