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Pregnancy after kidney transplant

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allyouneedisloveandacat Sun 23-Feb-14 15:37:10

Would love to hear from anyone in this position, thinking about TTC or been through pregnancy following a kidney transplant. It's a worrying time and I don't know anyone in a similar position. Thanks!

TheBestNamesAreTaken Mon 24-Feb-14 00:06:28


First time poster - signed up so that I could send you a reply!

I'm currently 37 weeks into my second pregnancy - both babies conceived post transplant.

Both largely uneventful pregnancies, I suppose I've been lucky in lots of ways, with never a transplant-related complication (touch wood) and apart from a little threat of pre-eclampsia at the end of pregnancy 1, very straightforward pregnancies (sickness, heartburn etc but anaemic and very tired).

In my case, I discussed with the renal team before even TTC first time around, then with consultant obstetrician with specialism in transplant patients. Had to change certain drugs in a slow & measured way and was monitored more closely than usual before stopping pill. Fell pregnant pretty quickly, & had renal & obs appointments so often it became a bit of a hassle - it all felt a bit over cautious, although admittedly I'm a bit blasé and fuss free.

I didn't even realise I was pregnant this time round until I was about 5 months, but fortunately I hadn't swapped back to my original regime as I breastfed until 18 months, and certain tablets aren't compatible with either breast feeding or pregnancy.

Long winded, sorry, but as I understand it, if your transplant is functioning well then Doctors are a lot more optimistic about pregnancy these days than in the past.

Good luck!

allyouneedisloveandacat Mon 24-Feb-14 08:01:10


Thank you so much for your reply. I was a first time poster, too, and glad I decided to!
It's so great to hear such a positive story - huge congratulations on both of your babies.
I am currently 12 weeks into my first pregnancy (scan this morning!)after transplantation in 2010, and, like you, I had extensive discussions with medical teams before deciding to go ahead.
I know what you mean about the regular appointments; like you I am very laid back about illness etc. I am having bloods every week, regular scans and 2 week appointments with renal team. It's great to know that things are being closely monitored, though.
I am so relieved to hear that you had few complications - was your first baby delivered early? Also, have the pregnancies had any long term impact on your kidney function? My dad donated the kidney to me so I have this intense guilt feeling that I may have 'swapped' his priceless gift and pain for a baby that I didn't really need. I guess it feels selfish in a way.

I really appreciate your response and I hope you don't mind my questions! Thank you.

MiniNewYorker18 Wed 27-Sep-17 22:44:21

Hi, I haven't started trying yet but I wondered what medication was changed or what you needed to do before hand! I got diabetes after my transplant and I've been told to reduce my long sugar result to 48 before starting and lose more weight I'm on a weight loss program at SW!

Any more tips would be great!


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