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Flu at 38wks

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Mumtonone Sun 23-Feb-14 11:00:13

Feeling awful. Trip to doctors on Friday and they wouldn't prescribe anything as too close to term.

Had to visit emergency doctor over the weekend as felt I was dying. Couldn't breathe and hadn't slept in days, utterly exhausted, managed to get some antibiotics which still need to kick in.

Just terrified I'll go early. Not coping at all with this flu, the idea of labour on top just doesn't bear thinking about.

Any experiences of what would happen?

Mummyk1982 Sun 23-Feb-14 11:47:33

You sure it's flu and not pre- labour rubbish feelings!?- I've heard lots of stories of people thinking they had flu when in fact it was build up to early labour. Did you get your flu vaccine? :-)

Showy Sun 23-Feb-14 11:52:36

What did you want them to prescribe? Why have they given you antibiotics? Did they diagnose something else? What are you doing/taking to help already? How much help have you got at home atm? Sorry to bombard with questions but it's tough to advise without all the relevant info.

It is miserable being ill when heavily pregnant.

Mumtonone Sun 23-Feb-14 12:13:43

Yes, had flu jab early on, so not expecting this.

GP thought it was a sinus infection and wouldn't give me anything. Emergency doc thinks its more likely to be a viral infection, hence antibiotics.

Have anti-biotics and taking paracetamol every 4-6 hours. I have moments when I feel a bit more human, but then hours where I wish I could just die. Haven't slept in days, cant seem to eat much and just utterly exhausted.

My boss is just recovering from a flu-y like illness and after spending a full day in her company Wednesday, I think I may have picked it up from her.

Hubby is home atm, but is a typical bloke when it comes to helping. You have to ask for help, he doesn't think that when he's making tea for himself to ask if I want a cup! He's due back to work tomorrow, so not looking forward to being on my own some!?!

Bubblegoose Sun 23-Feb-14 12:16:14

You poor old thing, hope you feel better soon flowers.

Apparently it's been documented that in times of stress the human body will delay pregnancy until a 'safe' time. Fingers crossed that will happen to you.

Showy Sun 23-Feb-14 15:48:28

Antibiotics won't do anything at all for a viral infection. Antibiotics only treat bacterial infections. The regular paracetamol is a good idea however.

Have you tried making the room steamy to ease the breathing? Menthol crystals in steaming water can help and I think they're okay in pregnancy. You only need one or two in a bowl of boiling water in the room with you. Otherwise, making the bathroom very steamy or damp towels on the radiators, kettle boiling etc will all help loosen the mucous.

Is your throat sore? If you're struggling to eat, have you tried soups and smoothies to get some energy? Are you drinking plenty? Ice lollies are nice if you've got a sore throat.

If your on your own tomorrow, see if you can get your dh to leave you everything you need. Lunch made in the fridge, snacks by the sofa, plenty of fluids to hand, blankets, paracetamol, tissues, favourite dvds, remote and do bog all for the day.

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