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Do I really need a pram with carrycot?

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Applesauce29 Sun 23-Feb-14 10:04:56

First baby due late July. Like the bugaboo Cameleon but live in a flat with zero storage so don't want cot permanently in corner of nursury after 4 months. Also like the Bee but the cocoon's too hot for newborns in summer, and it's not completely flat.

Would like advice on what other people with lack of space at home chose.

KiwiBanana Sun 23-Feb-14 10:09:09

We've got enough space for one but have decided not to bother and gone for the graco evo. When it's laying flat it looks just like a carrycot and has the same cosy feel to it. Some of the other lay flat ones I've seen have still looked a bit open iykwim.

We used a carry cot when DS was a baby but it was a bit of a faff on and was only used for a few months.

pluCaChange Sun 23-Feb-14 10:16:47

With DC1, in a first floor flat, we had a one-handed umbrella-fold stroller which lay flat (Graco Mojo, I think). A bit infra dig if you're thinking of a Bugaboo, but it will totally fit your storage needs and grow with your child (Bugaboo bees look a bit flimsy for toddlers...). Go for a light lay-flat stroller which can be folded one-handed. Which? was very helpful to me in finding one.

MissSlackPants84 Sun 23-Feb-14 10:21:13

Im pregnant with my first, also due in July. We have opted for the Silver Cross Suft without the carry cot but with the summer package. Im not sure we would get enough use to warrant the carry cot. We have found its cheaper than the bugaboos and more manoeuvrable smile

Waggamamma Sun 23-Feb-14 10:25:06

My ds had reflux and absolutely hated being laid flat in the carry cot, he would scream and scream in it so it only got used three times. Such a waste. He was much happier in thr car seat but you can't use this for more than 2 hours at a time.

But I really do hate seeing newborns in pushchairs that they're clearly to small for yet. If its cosy and completely flat then they can look ok, but if baby is propped up or exposed I think they look terrible. I will be getting another carrycot for dc2 and hope they tolerate it more.

mrsbug Sun 23-Feb-14 10:32:05

Is your flat on the ground floor? If not then you will probably want something you can carry up the stairs with a sleeping baby inside. We started out with one of the umbrella fold strollers described above but swapped it for one with a separate carry cot for that reason.

A pram carry cot can also double as a travel cot.

GingerMaman Sun 23-Feb-14 10:32:49

I didn't get a carry cot. My britax pushchair goes completely flat so I didn't see the need for its plus baby had reflux so hated being flat, so would have been a waste anyways.

GingerMaman Sun 23-Feb-14 10:34:13

If you have non carpeted flooring in the flat, you could use your carry cot in place of the Moses basket, and stroll it around the flat?

bruffin Sun 23-Feb-14 10:38:53

My carry cot could be laid flat but also could be raised to different degrees as well. I didnt bother with a moses basket and dcs slept in it day and night until a ridiculous age. DD screamed blue murder the night we put her in a proper cot, so ended up putting the carrycot inside the cot until she got used to the bars.

pluCaChange Sun 23-Feb-14 10:39:44

You can combine any of these with a sling, particularly with refluxy babies. Newborns especially do sleep in a sling, so there's no need to wake anyone for stairs!

GwenStacy Sun 23-Feb-14 10:42:21

We are in a small flat as well, and opted for the Mothercare Orb, which has a carrycot that converts to a pushchair with a few clips. The only thing we have the store is the semi rigid edge liner which folds down to something smaller than a cushion smile

Tomkat79 Sun 23-Feb-14 10:47:53

The bee is suitable from birth and we had no probs from birth to 5. With the cocoon you just take the top off and that leaves the base and then we used a blanket. Think you can get liners too.
Rec baby lies flat for 6 months don't they?! No chance with my DS. Hope you get something you like OP.

jammiedonut Sun 23-Feb-14 10:55:10

We had uppababy vista with a collapsible carry cot that got stored under our bed when we stopped using it. I was the same about not wanting to bother with one but used the carrycot as a Moses basket, so saved a lt of space that way!

jammiedonut Sun 23-Feb-14 10:57:15

Should also add you could unzip certain parts to ventilate when it was hot outside. Ds was born in June so was in Carrycot during the hottest part of the year and was absolutely fine.

Yonineedaminute Sun 23-Feb-14 11:05:42

I'm not sure if I have misunderstood as no one else has mentioned this, but the bugaboo cam doesn't come with a separate carrycot? It uses the same frame as the 'buggy' part, so when you want to change from carrycot to more upright when they are older you take the carrycot part out of the frame and put the buggy part in and the carrycot part folds away. So it's ideal for your storage needs (although the bugaboo isn't the most compact of pushchairs in general).

Newborns are supposed to br completely flat aren't they? Having said that I do know someone who had a Quinny zapp and never bothered with a carry cot, she just used the car seat on it. Her dd was absolutely fine afaik.

killpeppa Sun 23-Feb-14 11:29:54

I didnt get one, thankgod.
Had two reflux babies who needed to be at a tilt from 2 weeks old, plus DS1 was a demanding wee sod & was sitting up in his pram at 7 weeks or else all hell broke loose (dont worry I consulted the dr before handsmile )

Lagoonablue Sun 23-Feb-14 11:31:37

M and P Sola. Lies flat with a liner and parent facing. DS very happy on it and started to tilt it as he got older.

bruffin Sun 23-Feb-14 11:41:32

*I didnt get one, thankgod.
Had two reflux babies who needed to be at a tilt from 2 weeks old,*

My carry cot could tilt, i thought they all did

whereisthewitch Sun 23-Feb-14 11:45:24

The Jane matrix car seat turns into a carrycot when you lie it flat. Best baby purchase we got, meant we didn't have to bring an extra carrycot when ever we went out as it's not good for baby to be in a normal car seat too long.

SaucyJack Sun 23-Feb-14 12:08:49

We have a two-in-one thing that changes from a carrycot into a normal pushchair seat.

hugshugs Sun 23-Feb-14 12:14:07

I didn't want a carry cot either (more to store and my opinion is they're ugly!) so I got a Quinny Moodd. It lies flat, all comes apart incredibly easily (and you 'put it up' with the push of a button) and folds very small, as it fits in my Mini boot. I think it might be worth a look for you .

Rombo Sun 23-Feb-14 12:19:04

I have a bugaboo chameleon, I loved the pram part as ds could sleep in it in the house aswell as out.
When you stop using it, the frame becomes the seat and the carrycot fabric folds flat for easy storage, doesn't take up much room.

That said the pram itself is bulky, I used to leave the chassis in the car and just carry the carry cot up to my flat.
I also have a bugaboo bee and I have just bought the cocoon off eBay to use with next baby, however I don't like it as much as the chameleon carrycot so will probably use that mainly to start with and keep the bee in the car.

pumpkinsweetie Sun 23-Feb-14 15:30:59

I use mine as a moses basket during the day, I find it invaluable and space saving as I use a crib upstairs.
Didn't have one for my other dc and I coped fine without one but I must say it is much more comfy than them being in a pushchair strapped in

Sareva Sun 23-Feb-14 15:43:17

Another one who has gone for the Graco Evo. I'm due in June and was told from a retailer that as I'm having a summer baby if you get a buggy/stroller that can lie flat from birth then there is no point getting a carry cot. Saying that though some carry cots are collapsible, so I'm assuming easy to store.
With my older DCs I didn't use carry cots either.

KatAndKit Sun 23-Feb-14 20:53:03

Mamas and papas urbo is a nice compact pushchair which is suitable from birth with out a carrycot.

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