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Bouncing on a gym ball

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K8eee Sun 23-Feb-14 09:08:36

I've had awful hip & back pain, so my mw has suggested I get a gym ball and sit on that for a while when I'm feeling uncomfortable. Is it too early to maybe lightly bounce on it of a night time to ease pressure, or will it bring on labour too early? I know baby will come when he/she is ready anyway, but I don't want to be doing my baby more harm by coming out early. I'm 36 weeks too so I know I'll be classed as full term next week, and it's safe for baby to come out.

highlove Sun 23-Feb-14 09:36:21

I'm 38 weeks and have been bouncing away for a couple of weeks, no sign of bsby as yet. It won't evict baby unless it's ready to come so I wouldn't worry about it. I believe it can help get them in the right position though.

I find kneeling down and kind of draping myself over the ball then swaying lightly is really nice when my back aches, so maybe try that too..

LastOneDancing Sun 23-Feb-14 11:02:02

I'm 34 weeks & use my ball quite regularly when I'm uncomfortable.

Hip circles, pelvic tilts and swaying all help me - as well as the drape mentioned above! DH does tend to put his feet up on me while I'm hugging the ball though... hmm

I wouldn't worry about encouraging labour, it sounds like our little monkeys only come when they're ready!!

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