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30 weeks and just fed up

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mojo1981 Sat 22-Feb-14 23:25:38

I'm 30+1 and generally fed up with being pregnant, I loved my pregnancy with DD1 but this one is just taking it's toll, don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful and understand that some people who have trouble conceiving would love to be in my position but I'm being fecking selfish today and I don't care.
My little bundle of joy is beating me up that much I feel physically sore from the inside out, it as of she knows she's coming out the sun roof (having elec section) and she's trying to make her own way out, and this is all day, the only relief I get is when I'm asleep and I don't know if that's cos she's asleep or I just don't notice!

DD1 is 2.9 and I'm sure is on a mission to make sure I spend 99% of my time picking her toys up, I'm a horrible, no fun mum at the moment, snappy, tired and just horrible to be around which makes me feel bad.

I really can't wait for this pregnancy to be over..... Please tell me this is normal, I didn't feel like this with DD1, but then I suppose I could just sit on my arse all day.

I know I'm being pathetic but I don't care ...... Sympathy please??...

Dixy30 Sat 22-Feb-14 23:44:47

Omg me too! Is this a 30wk thing!! I'm due 30 April but being induced 16 due to Pe.. 51 days to go!! Not that I'm counting confused

Mummytobe2014 Sun 23-Feb-14 08:57:50

My pregnancy has just becomr very hard :-( i have spd which has worsened severly almost overnight, i cant walk standing straight, i cant sleep now at all which i cld do previously, also noticed slight nausea coming back. I went shopping yesterday and this was thr biggest mistake iv made i am in agony today i want to cry!! Dp is completely unaware and sleeping soundly in bed. My bump hurts alot at night too with period pains. Im 38 weeks monday so i know i dnt long left but i have potentially another 4! I always thought my pregnancy wld be lovely and i wld relish it but right now i jst want to get it over with and meet my baby boy.
You are definately not alone so i sympathise thanks

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