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Nursing/post-pregnancy - what to wear?

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Plateofcrumbs Sat 22-Feb-14 05:10:24

Bit early for me thinking about this but wondering if it's something to bear in mind when buying maternity clothes...

What are the ideal clothes to wear in early post-pregnancy / breastfeeding days?

Baby is due in the height of summer so layering tops might not be so comfortable when I'm feeling hot and sweaty.

I've got lots of stretchy vest tops which would pull down but they're generally pretty fitted round the belly area - will I want something a bit more forgiving whilst I'm waiting for the washboard stomach to snap back ? Will I still want to be wearing maternity tops initially? Are loose button-down shirts useful?

I read a good tip about wearing comfy PJ-like clothes that you can sleep in but are also presentable enough for little forays out of the house without the hassle of getting changed.

KiwiBanana Sat 22-Feb-14 07:45:42

I'm going mostly for nursing vest tops with summery scarfs to accessorise and help me get used to feeding without having everything out. I'll get a few bright loose tops to layer on days that aren't scorching. Going to team them with maxi skirts/jeans/shorts.
I've also got a couple of summery nursing/maternity dresses from mothercare that are perfect for the transition from pregnancy to post natal.

FarToGo Sat 22-Feb-14 08:00:25

Do not spend a fortune on nursing clothes! Except a good couple of nursing bras.
I bought plenty of oversized cheap vests from new look and primark and larger size fancy floaty t shirt tops/tunics.
That way you can slip an arm out of your vest strap, unhook your nursing bra whilst keeping everything including post pregnant belly covered.
You will get hot regardless! The heat of baby and the post pregnancy sweats will see to that wink

PervyMuskrat Sat 22-Feb-14 08:26:49

H&M did (and hopefully still do!) some great tops that are both maternity and nursing tops. I used them for months pre and post birth last time and I've just got them out of storage for this pregnancy.

cogitosum Sat 22-Feb-14 08:32:18

Ds was born in July. I lived in nursing vests (they have a built in bra so you just unclip and pull down like a bf bra). I never got on with bf tops. Also for early days I wore these trousers/pj things from m&s (maybe called loungewear) which are ridiculously comfortable but not too pj like so ok for guests etc)

Tbh I still live in the vests with a cardigan or v neck jumper on top which I pull to the side. I don't like lifting up tops as I have the sling on a lot and that means taking it off which is a pain!

If you get the vests get decent ones as they need to give you support. We have someone locally who comes to your house and sells nursing bras and accessories which is great!

DomesticGoddess31 Sat 22-Feb-14 09:12:29

I had a summer baby first and I struggled with what to wear and stay cool. I bought a couple of feeding vests from JoJo maman bebe and they were brilliant. Quite supportive material so kept the post baby tum in a bit. I layered with loose tops I could pull up or shirts I could unbutton. Shirts were good as you can wear those without a vest underneath but you do feel a bit more exposed. I had a couple of maternity ones that worked really well in the early days and didn't cling to my tummy.

Currently pg with no. 2 and have thought much harder about feeding possibilities when buying mat clothes. I've looked for tops that are button down or cowl neck and have invested in a few nice nursing tops this time. Its hard to judge what will look good with a post natal tum though. Bubble hem ones will work I think.

OneMoreThenNoMore Sat 22-Feb-14 09:22:29

Button-down tops with a muslin or scarf to cover up if you're bothered.

Or an ordinary strappy vest under another top; it's bit hot at times but I did this over three summers of breastfeeding and it wasn't too bad.

I did buy a couple of breastfeeding tops from jojo maman bebe and they were ok, but a vest under a normal top worked better for me and was much cheaper.

Plateofcrumbs Sat 22-Feb-14 09:26:42

fartogo - so you were doing the layering thing (vest top under a floaty t-shirt)? That makes me feel a bit hot just thinking about it.

I'll have a look at H&M maternity/nursing tops, that sounds good.

The whole lounge-wear/PJ-style trouser trend over last couple of years is quite handy as I've got a few pairs that I could as easily wear in bed as I could in a fancy restaurant (not that I'm expecting to find myself in many fancy restaurants but you get my drift!). Sorting the top half is more the issue.

I've always had a pretty flat tum so I'm expecting to be a bit mortified by saggy baby belly. Being prepared with belly- and BFing-friendly tops is high priority!

Mrswellyboot Sat 22-Feb-14 09:31:07

I second the H&m stretch nursing tops. They are really flattering too. Such good quality for the money. I would get them again.

I also bought a new pair of under bump jeans as my others had been worn to shreds and it took a while to get back into old jeans.

I also bought a light cape type thing for put and about to cover up ( probably not wise for summer)

H&m also have loose trousers that could be dressed up for appointments ect and have and elastic waist so you will get use of them in early pregnancy again

Flickstar Sat 22-Feb-14 13:17:24

I had DS in July and currently pregnant and due in June. I found floaty maxi dresses (maternity!) worked. Have got three really good ones from new look this time around- jersey with a cross over neckline so easy to whip a boob out. If its cold I can layer up. I found last time that I didn't want to show my legs as I felt puffy and pasty for ages so preferred maxi dresses.

Boosiehs Sat 22-Feb-14 13:27:10

Don't underestimate how big your boobs will become when bf. I always had a large chest but I'm currently sporting a pair of 36h boobs. I have to wear a bra and a vest. Debenhams bras and marks are good. H&M vest (two pack) are v good an much cheaper than mamas and papas. Mothercare vests are crap. H&M have maternity in most of their stores. I was preg in the height of last summer. People kept stopping me and commiserating how bad it must be for me. And it was. But then DS arrived first week of Sept and the weather changed! Lived in jeans and tops (with best under) ever since!

minicc Sat 22-Feb-14 14:19:09

Warehouse have lots of zip front tops I will be looking for come sale time, hoping they will open enough to whip a boob out the front. Also topshop have lots of loose camis that might be ok to slip an arm out of and flop down.Was bf in winter last time so was never really too warm. An due in June this time round so hopefully will be lolling about in the garden!

Mummyk1982 Sat 22-Feb-14 14:29:10

I've bought a few batwing style tops to wear- they look v practical :-)

FarToGo Sat 22-Feb-14 14:41:04

Yes I layered, I bought some really thin vests from new look and just used my maternity tops that were just normal tops in a bigger size. Think lots of primark thin layering/waterfall type tops.
I had my daughter last July so it was hot!
I did buy 2nursing vests from mothercare but found them too thick and long to wear comfortably so I've just sold them on ebay wink

Bunbaker Sat 22-Feb-14 14:46:25

You are assuming that we will have a sumer like last July. Layers is the way to go. DD was born in the July, but we had an awful summer so I spent most of it in jeans and shirts, with a cardigan over my shirt. On the odd sunny day I did manage to wear some shorts, but that didn't happen very often.

peeapod Sat 22-Feb-14 14:47:00

im going for cami tops and probably putting my own zip/ button in the appropiate place.. primark all the way they are only 2 pound or so..

whiteblossom Sat 22-Feb-14 15:02:53

Im thinking chiffon floaty tops that tie under bust, bat wing style. Ive seen some lovely ones on NOTHS. Not cheap but will get me through after when like you waiting for tummy to pop back. Planning on wearing post mat' hold it all in vest tops. this will work with most things.

Plateofcrumbs Sat 22-Feb-14 15:28:42

peeapod adapting cheap cami tops sounds like a good idea!

Flickstar Sun 23-Feb-14 08:37:51

Don't forget that nursing bras tend to be higher cut and have thicker straps and there is also the clip bit too. I think things with thicker straps work best otherwise your whole bra will be hanging out which is not a good look!

OrangeMochaFrappucino Sun 23-Feb-14 08:51:22

Ds2 due in spring and I am dreading hot weather! My right calf has suddenly become covered in spidery purple veins and I'm mortified - so I want to keep my legs covered at all times. I have a scarred upper arm that I'm very self conscious about so always wear sleeves, even in 30°+ heat. Then there will be the jelly belly to conceal - I am basically looking for summer clothing options that cover me from neck to ankle but allow easy feeding access!!

I will probably try to get floaty maxi dresses and thin cardis that tie under the bust - found these really handy last time (but was post-natal in the middle of winter) - if they have a long tie you can use it to cover up. I also have a midi shirt dress from Boden from last summer and am wondering if I might be able to wear that unbuttoned over the bust (because it won't fit over bfing boobs) with a nursing vest underneath. This will be for cooler days - of which I am hoping for many!

The difficulty I found with normal clothes is that nursing bras come up so high that it's hard to find things high-necked enough to cover the bra but still enabling access to boobs!

Flickstar Sun 23-Feb-14 09:30:08

Would this sort of thing be an option jelly?

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