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Breech at 30 weeks, should I be worried?

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Gemmitygem Tue 08-Aug-06 16:32:06

Ultrasound doctor said gloomily, 'well, if it doesn't turn you'll have to have a Caesarian."

Baby books say it doesn't necessarily turn till later. I'm 30 weeks with first baby.. should I be worried and what can I do to encourage it to turn?

Any thoughts are most welcome!

Kelly1978 Tue 08-Aug-06 16:33:19

its very early, I wouldn't worry too much yet. Baby still has plenty of room to turn somersaults. My dts were still twisting and turning up until 36 weeks!

Quootiepie Tue 08-Aug-06 16:37:15

DS was breech until 38 weeks. after that they try and turn them at Frimley.

mazzystar Tue 08-Aug-06 16:40:34

Way too early to worry. DS turned at 36 weeks, born at 38.

Reflexology and acupuncture (moxibustion) are believed to be very effective in turning a breeech baby at a later stage. As is crawling around rather a lot!

emzickle Tue 08-Aug-06 16:44:19

get on your hands and knees woman and scrub those skirting boards...

or lay on a been bag and watch TV like me...

Gemmitygem Tue 08-Aug-06 16:55:48

ok, I'll try not to worry for now (ha ha), and get on my hands and knees. Have not slouched at all since I read it was bad at about 20 weeks, so it can't be that...

Amiable Tue 08-Aug-06 17:45:05

My DD was breech until about 37 weeks, when she decided to turn herself - don't panic yet!

Toady Tue 08-Aug-06 17:56:04

Like emzickle said get on your hands and knees girl, also lie on your left hand side, shine a torch upwards towards your bump, put ice on the top of your bump, ummmmmmmmm sure there will be more advice.

Also ......... you could always say NO i am not having a caeserean, please send me a competent midwife who is experienced in breech births.

freddysays Tue 08-Aug-06 19:44:21

Hey girl, i have not read all this but saw the tag line and thought I would just say this.

I was breech at 37+6 weeks with a large baby 95th centile...although I am overdue now 40+6 he turned all by himself.

The chances of that happening were slim to none. I was booked in for a c-section and everything. But fate has it that he would be head down as planned.

I did a bit of sitting on a ball and tried not to slouch in arm chair but to be honest it worked out fine by itself. 30 weeks is nto a time to become too anxious about it all. Really you want to start the going on all fours from 36 weeks if he still breech, but if there is lots of room baby cna move several times before settling down..

GOod luck

mawbroon Tue 08-Aug-06 20:14:33

30 weeks is a bit early to be worrying about it tbh. In my area, they refer you to the consultant if you are still breech at 34 weeks but that is still loads of time for a baby to turn.

Don't worry just quite yet - easier said than done, I know!

liquidclocks Tue 08-Aug-06 20:16:40

Gemmitygem - silly doctor! About 15% of babies are breech up to 32 weeks - most turn by themselves. If yours doesn't you should still be offered an ECV - see here . It's a very safe procedure as long as it's done in hospital by an expert and carries a lot less risk of complications than a section.

For now though I wouldn't worry, it'll probably turn on it's own.

liquidclocks Tue 08-Aug-06 20:18:45

Another recent thread and link here

lizziemun Tue 08-Aug-06 20:40:57

my dd was still breech at 35wks when i had my last check up with mw luckly she turned herself as i went in to labour at 39wks on the day i was supposed to see mw. Every went fine fr me. I think most babys turn themselves when they are ready.

chesterwiganer Wed 09-Aug-06 18:53:56

i am 35+3 and baby has been breech since 28 weeks at least. So bored of it now, wish i knew one way or the other if it will turn.... is a c/s really that bad??!!!

Kidstrack Wed 09-Aug-06 19:12:45

i hate the way doctors/sonographers scare us sometimes with comments like that, both mine didn't turn till 37weeks and i done all the usual crawling around on my hands and knees,pelvic rocking,sleepng on opposite side, nothing worked so i stopped about 36weeks, i was sitting watching tv one night and baby was thrashing about and then i felt and heard a popping noise, next day midwife said baby was round the correct way

angelfaces Fri 11-Aug-06 12:07:16

I'm 35 weeks and my baby is breech at the moment but i don't think its anything to worry about, having researched this a little it seems most babies turn when they are ready.

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