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Lack of info at midwife appointments

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hugshugs Fri 21-Feb-14 15:57:08


I'm pregnant for the first time, and don't think my midwives are doing their job. I've never seen the same one, which I don't think helps. However, I am 35 weeks and haven't been given anything informative, or had a discussion about anything - feeding, birth, well being, or anything. All I've had at my appointments is my BP, urine test, measurements and a poke to see which way te baby is lying before being shoved out of the door (no "is there anything you want to ask" etc.) I have my 36 week appointment next week, and am thinking of going with a list - what have others discussed with midwives by now?


addictedtosugar Fri 21-Feb-14 16:08:24

I think you need antenatal classes for the birth / feeding bits. So, I'd ask if there are any you can get to before baby arrives.

Generally, my midwife appointments were about if I was healthy (bp / urine dipped), and if Baby appeared to be OK - heartbeat, presentation and bump size.

No harm in a list - any chance of warning them you've got a list, and get a longer appointment? Or posting some of the questions on here, and see if some mn'ers can point you in the right direction?

mrsmugoo Fri 21-Feb-14 16:11:21

You can still ask questions even if you're not invited to surely?

Are you not given specific leaflets at appointments?

Have you thought if signing up to NCT classes?

Rockchick1984 Fri 21-Feb-14 16:11:46

Most of the info re feeding, birth etc should be covered at your antenatal classes, not at your midwife appointments. If you have anything you want to discuss then do, but IME the appointment slots are so short that there's only time to cover things if you ask.

Mummytobe2014 Fri 21-Feb-14 16:41:49

I thought/think exactly the same and the only reason i think that is because reading thru my pink notes there r several questionnaires which it appears they r to go through with us, breastfeeding is one but my mw hasnt gone through anything other than bp urine and heartbeat. Also i wondered about birth plan which is in there i thought they wld discuss this with us but as a ftm i am unsure. Im 37+4 and due to see her nxt week so perhaps she will go thru slightly more then!? smile

Jolleigh Fri 21-Feb-14 19:25:37

From what I've gathered, it's the midwife's job to check you and baby are'd need to book yourself onto some antenatal classes for most of the rest. The midwives I've seen have all been happy to answer questions but you do need to ask them! They can't just guess what you'd like to know.

FWIW, I'm also a 35 week first timer who's not seen the same midwife twice yet.

Jolay100 Fri 21-Feb-14 19:35:34

I was given a book called ready steady baby at my first appointment -there's a website to back it up which you can google. I was booked into nhs antenatal classes and given the dates at my 22week appointment. Plenty of chance to ask questions, but I Haven't seen the same midwife twice either.

cathpip Fri 21-Feb-14 19:40:23

NCT classes cover breast feeding, birth etc etc. You are probably under the care of community midwives of which there will be a few covering your area. The midwives job is to make sure that you and baby are healthy, but if you want to ask questions then do. I am pregnant with dc3 and it's rather nice that I still have the same midwife that I had with dc1 smile

TarkaTheOtter Fri 21-Feb-14 19:46:15

Before the cuts new mums used to be given this book which covers the first five years of your child's life so breast feeding, weaning etc.

Julietee Fri 21-Feb-14 22:07:04

They are so pressed for time that they will happily shove you out the door if you don't pipe up loudly with your questions!
We went through the list of stuff they should go through (bf etc) at week 36. It was really a quick run through so she could tick it all off. You obviously have to research more on your own time.
It's pretty normal not to see the same mw twice.

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