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Itchy bump, but only underneath and stretch marks on my fanny?!

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K8eee Fri 21-Feb-14 00:06:05

Apparently I've got very good stretch marks for my history from puberty grin but my bump isn't smothered in them, only around my belly button slightly, and down. I'm just wondering though, I've got some on the too of my fanny, more really where my pubes start & pubic bone is. Anyone else had/got them here? And the only part of my belly that's itchy is the underneath, is this normal? I know an itchy bump is normal due to the skin stretching, but only the underneath...?

Lottystar Fri 21-Feb-14 00:15:57

Yes, I got them there too with ds 2 with a bit of blood under the skin as my belly was sooo big. There's nothing you can do really and they will fade. Use creams or oil to make your skin soft and more comfortable.

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