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Tracy Anderson pregnancy DVDs, your thoughts please...

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Suzysnoozy Thu 20-Feb-14 20:27:17

Basically the above, I'm desperate to not allow myself turn into a massive splodge this time. I'm trying to eat healthily but being only 6weeks and when the nausea kicks in an apple doesn't hit the spot. I didn't do much (any) excercise before so continuing to sit and watch tv isn't an option. For those who have used and didn't like her DVDs is there anything else you'd suggest?

ithoughtofitfirst Thu 20-Feb-14 20:44:46

Snap! Also 6 weeks. Congratulations

Walking really helped me through my last pregnancy in terms of not getting too spodge like. I put on most weight when i was BF and while my fanjo was in tatters. I suppose it depends on your amount of spare time. You said 'this time' so i'm guessing like me you've got a little nipper keeping you busy too. tricky.

What i used to do was get ingredients for our tea on the day so that i've a reason to walk cause i'm not a fan of aimless walking. I won't have that luxury this time so i'll have to get my thinking cap on!

Suzysnoozy Thu 20-Feb-14 21:02:23

Thank you and congrats to you as well.

Yes I do have a little one, 2.5years so not too bad. I walk quite a bit already and when I'm at work I'm on my feet all day, so from that point of view I'm ok. I've just been researching and apparently the more toning and excercise you do during pregnancy the easier the weight comes off after (why I didn't know last time baffles me!). I'm going to be a bridesmaid 6weeks post birth and I don't want to be the fat one, last pregnancy at that time I would have been a size 18 when a 10-12 is the norm for me. Also last pregnancy I really struggled with my hips and legs and I think it was a result of my weight, I really don't want to go through it again.

It is hard but I'm really keen not to have a repeat of last time, anyone have any views on it?

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