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Anyone else uncomfortable at 27 weeks?

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Rosduk Thu 20-Feb-14 17:07:15

Bub is 3 weeks big thanks to gestational diabetes but I am so uncomfortable. My tummy is just constantly in the way, scraping the steering wheel when I drive and I can't do my shoes up without practically doing the splits!

I don't remember being this enormous with my last 2 dc.


weebigmamma Thu 20-Feb-14 20:32:58

I've been uncomfortable since the start. Currently at 33weeks. I was overweight beforehand anyway which probably doesn't help but I can relate to the shoe-doing-up nightmare lol. I have my DM boots laced very loosely so that I can wear them as slip-ons (if I wear actual slip-ons my ankles swell up). I feel like an elephant and I can't get upstairs without being out of breath. The only thing that makes me feel normal is swimming. If you can swim I totally recommend it- you just feel so much lighter and free-er!

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