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I've been pregnant forever

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Tea1Sugar Thu 20-Feb-14 11:29:07

Does anyone else feel this way? I'm only 31+2 so less than 8 weeks until elcs but I am so so over being pregnant!!

LJBanana Mon 24-Mar-14 22:35:49

Welcome to the world baby James.
Well done Vikki!!!!

ZingSweetCoconut Mon 24-Mar-14 18:22:59

aaww, Happy Birthday baby James!

Congratulations vikki, well done you!smile thanks

Vikkijayne2507 Mon 24-Mar-14 18:18:38

baby James arrived this morning at 9.20am. I was surprised as I was convinced it was a tummy bug with frequent trips to loo. stomach cramps stated midnight ish. Hospital at 4.20 went smoothly even if I'm a bit battered

Aliama Mon 24-Mar-14 07:52:52

Urgh, another one who's been pregnant forever. Due in 4 days, but these last few weeks have gone so slowly and I've been symptom spotting like crazy. Sore lower back? OMG! Twinges in my groin? OMG! Woke up with the urge to clean the kitchen? OMG!

Starting to get a bit fed up now.

PiratesMam Sun 23-Mar-14 13:46:53

Congratulations Banana!!!! grin

LJBanana Sun 23-Mar-14 06:48:11

Thank you,thank you. Pregnant forever leads to gives birth in 13 minutes !!

Now if only we had a name........

MinionDave Sun 23-Mar-14 02:14:53

I remember that feeling well! I WAS pregnant for about 20 months,save for a 10 week break in between pregnancies. There is 11 months between my DC grin

ZingSweetCoconut Sun 23-Mar-14 01:47:36

yay! so happy for you, congratulations! thanks

Vikkijayne2507 Sat 22-Mar-14 22:50:37

Congrats LJ great news

LJBanana Sat 22-Mar-14 22:30:55

Hello all.
I am the proud mum of another little boy!!
Arrived early early this morning very swiftly!

ZingSweetCoconut Sat 22-Mar-14 08:47:53

how are you today?

Vikkijayne2507 Sat 22-Mar-14 02:28:25

eek hope your ok LJ

LJBanana Fri 21-Mar-14 16:23:55

Fuck me, I've just been violated.
The woman practically removed my spleen with her bare hand!

LJBanana Fri 21-Mar-14 14:33:12


ZingSweetCoconut Fri 21-Mar-14 14:08:10


<whispers gently>

can you hear me sweetheart? I know you are nice and comfy, but it is time to meet mum, dad and the rest of the world.
so as you have no bags to pack will you just leave your lovely hotelroom already?
you can do it.

k13chx Fri 21-Mar-14 11:22:25

I am nowhere near as far as you lot but I am 15 weeks and it seems to be draggin already!!!! haha

LJBanana Fri 21-Mar-14 10:58:21

Ah thank you Zing, I hope to report some action. It's time to vacate baby!!!
The ball has been given an air top up, I've just requested a pineapple-even though I know they absolutely do not work.

I've even dug out a pair of leggings from my hospital bag as my 'vision in DP's pyjamas' look was growing tiresome!

Operation get baby out commences-just after I've eaten this chocolate biscuit!!!!!!

ZingSweetCoconut Fri 21-Mar-14 08:45:02

Good luck with sweep today, sending you dilating vibes.


LJBanana Thu 20-Mar-14 22:17:30

Nowt is happening!!! At all. I'm really hoping for the hat trick of 3 all being born on the 21st!!
I've been bouncing on that fecking ball all day!!

Cacraig2 Thu 20-Mar-14 22:13:56

banana don't loose hope I was only 4cm when arrived at hospital and delivered 2 hours later you might just ho with a pop!! Good luck not long now xx

PiratesMam Thu 20-Mar-14 19:39:41

LJBanana hope things are underway!

ZingSweetCoconut Thu 20-Mar-14 12:46:32

Tomorrow thenwink

LJBanana Thu 20-Mar-14 08:36:12

I'm not!!!
However both my boys were born early and late and both arrived on the 21st so it MUST be waiting so we don't have to pick a new lottery number!!!

ZingSweetCoconut Wed 19-Mar-14 22:49:35

thinking about you - really hoping you are in

Vikkijayne2507 Wed 19-Mar-14 21:01:18

Good news LJ glad there has been progress made come on little one ya mums awaiting

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