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Snacks to take to hospital

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boopdoop Thu 20-Feb-14 09:31:56

Anyone got any suggestions of what types of snacks I should take to the hospital for labour etc... Just trying I finish packing hospital bag and really not sure what to take! Thanks!

PenguinsEatSpinach Thu 20-Feb-14 09:34:07

Energy sweets? cereal bars? Nothing too acidic. smile

DontWorryBaby Thu 20-Feb-14 09:46:46

My first labour was long and by the time DS arrived I was ravenous and wanted lots of carbs. Nutrigrain bars, cereal bars, tubs of flapjacks etc. Didn't really want anything sweet or fancy, just plain food and lots of it!

mrsmugoo Thu 20-Feb-14 09:51:58

I packed some Nakd bars and some cashew nuts in my labour bag and couple of porridge pots and some miso soup sachets in my ward bag.

Hospital is close to shops so didn't go OTT.

Bunbaker Thu 20-Feb-14 09:55:08

Take something for your birth partner as well. I didn't want to eat during labour, but like Don'tWorryBaby I was ravenous afterwards.

OneMoreCupOfTea Thu 20-Feb-14 10:05:05

Maybe a bag of nuts/dried fruit? Some chocolate defintely

Nocturne123 Thu 20-Feb-14 10:05:56

My husband brought me nature valley cereal bars which I had after the birth . They were chocolate and at the time they were the best thing I'd ever eaten ! Probably the sugar smile

Ilovekittyelise Thu 20-Feb-14 14:55:10

sesame snaps - the chocolate ones! and panda licorice. bulk buy on amazon!

Julietee Thu 20-Feb-14 15:55:42

I've got energy bars, nuts, porridge pots where you just add boiled water and a couple of lucozades.
Wanted to bring chocolate but the labour ward is so damn hot I fear it'd be a sticky mess by the time I got it out.

Mummyk1982 Thu 20-Feb-14 17:40:40

I've got stuff for both me and hubby, though predominantly for hubby:
2 pot noodle type things (bachelors noodle pot and a pasta pot)
Box of nutrigrains
2 small bags of mixed fruit and nut
6 small cartons fruit juice
Bar of chocolate

Will probably make hubby a sandwich on the day I go into labour and pack that too :-)

HelenHen Thu 20-Feb-14 17:43:14

I've packed all kinds of snacks... Chocolate, sweets, cereal, porridge pots... Cos ya dunno what you'll fancy, best to have a selection. I could have lived on bread rolls and ham after dc1 though, dp couldn't buy enough of them for me

Bunbaker Thu 20-Feb-14 17:50:06

Where do you get the boiled water from to make your porridge/pot noodles up? There wasn't any available on the ward when I was in hospital after having DD.

mrsmugoo Thu 20-Feb-14 17:51:54

Well I have bought them on the assumption if I'm offered a cup of tea then they would have a kettle somewhere for a slosh of boiling water in my porridge pot.

Bunbaker Thu 20-Feb-14 18:02:23

They bring a trolley round about three times a day dispensing hot drinks, so you would be able to get hot water then, but it wasn't available on tap so to speak. You might like to ask the hospital about this, but I suspect it will be an H & S issue.

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 20-Feb-14 19:24:15

Our hospital midwives would let you use the microwave so I'll take a couple of those Uncle Bens rice & sauce pots this time around, quick 2 mins for a nice filling snack. Also cereal bars and bottles of water with a sports caps as easier to drink. Will make sure I pack something for DH too, not just me.

GwenStacy Thu 20-Feb-14 19:29:10

Percy pigs and dried apricots got me through 37 hours of labour!

Mummyk1982 Thu 20-Feb-14 19:32:43

Our birth unit says it has a small kitchen to make refreshments in- assuming there will be a kettle/ boiling water tap in there :-) if not we'll ask the midwives- they have kettles in their staff room!!

Inglori0us Thu 20-Feb-14 20:03:03

I went to Tesco in the early stages of labour as i wanted to walk around and it was pouring with rain.
I took strawberries, satsumas, skittles, a packet of individually wrapped chocolate brioche, twiglets, juice cartons, a mini jar of marmite (for my breakfast toast as I knew I'd probably be staying in), Pringles and cereal bars.
DH munched through quite a bit of it!

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