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Too late for debrief...?

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MyriadOfMiracles Tue 18-Feb-14 20:34:33

I did have one booked when dd was 4 months but unfortunately had to cancel it.

Will I be eligable for a mini debrief kinda thing when I next get preggers? I am basically terriefied of being induced again, plus do not want to put another baby through that.

I would like an ELCS. My hope is to discuss this option and also go over first labour ( for closure too)

My dd will be around 18 mo when I start trying again, so could be any age from there up when I next concieve ( if blessed enough too)

Is this too long after initial pregnancy to have a good debrief of it?

PrincessWatermelon Tue 18-Feb-14 20:49:04

I wouldn't have thought it would be too late. I was offered to speak to the Thoughts After Birth team after my traumatic delivery. DH and i never got round to it. But at my booking in appt this time (my DD was 18 months) my MW offered it again and said a senior MW would go through my notes and talk me through what happened. I think I may do it, actually, and your post has just reminded me!

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