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6 months pregnant and experiencing stitch like pain is this normal

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DebbsyandBibby Mon 07-Aug-06 18:33:48

hope someone can put my mind at ease,im currently six mths pg with my first baby and from saturday i have been getting a stitch like pain in my left side.Phoned midwife she said probably normal and things are going to be a little uncomfortable as there is a little person growing in there.This did little to put my mind at rest is this normal as its quite uncomfortable at times,its not constant,but its getting more frequent i can still feel bibby moving round all the time so movements arent any less,i had quite a hectic weekend as we organised a suprise 60th party for my mum on fri so i was on my feet day n night and think my belly has grown more as my belly button is close to popping out now,i have had no bleeding of any kind no stinging or burning when i go to the loo.So do you think this just everything stretching?? all advice greatly received.

Scoobydooooo Mon 07-Aug-06 18:37:04

I had this but not sure what it is, i think many aches,pains are normal at this stage , as long as your baby is still doing the 10 movements a day i would not worry, its a bit of a squeeze in there so you will feel alot more pains etc.
If you are still worried i would go into the maternity ward to be checked but it all sounds normal to me.

Nemo1977 Mon 07-Aug-06 18:37:24

debsy it is possibly braxton hicks or just stretching..have had loads of aches and pains with all mine and also jumped to worst sure ur little man is just spreading out.

trinityrhino Mon 07-Aug-06 18:39:56

stretching of the uterus can be quite painful

DebbsyandBibby Mon 07-Aug-06 18:44:12

so you think its ok then as i can still bibby all the time more than 10 times a day lots more so can the uterus stretching be quite painful then? thanks guys x

connorsmummy Mon 07-Aug-06 18:44:41

HI, this happened to me also, when i was checked by a midwife she said it was stretching of the uterus, a nice warm bath helped!!! Connorsmummy x

DebbsyandBibby Mon 07-Aug-06 18:55:13

my midwifes phone is either ringing out or just switched off not very happy with her really doesnt do anything to alleviate my fears so had to ring through to the hospital as only other option is to leave a note at the drs desk and she will pick it up weds when she in ....

connorsmummy Mon 07-Aug-06 19:00:37

Try NHS direct on 0845 4647 (24 hrs day) they will reassure you and answer any queries you may have over the phone, they are really nice fully trained doctors and nurses! hope this helps. connorsmummy x

DebbsyandBibby Mon 07-Aug-06 19:02:17

thanks x

DebbsyandBibby Mon 07-Aug-06 19:16:51

nemo great to hear from you how are you and bubs doing?

CMac Mon 07-Aug-06 19:16:57

I had this too with ds and was told it was normal (uterus stretching as others have said). Hadn't had it with dd so was a bit concerned at the time. Only lasted a couple of weeks at the most though.

DebbsyandBibby Tue 08-Aug-06 08:12:47


JennT Tue 08-Aug-06 09:24:10

I had it on the right hand side. Stretching of the ligaments I was told. I DID have a particularly flat tummy before baby and didn't get particularly big. At various points in pregnancy (especially 2 weeks before due date when I suddenly got much bigger) I had these dreadful pains.

Make sure you are supporting your bump when you sleep. I had such a small bump, I didn't think it would make a difference, but as soon as I started sticking a pillow under bump, they got better. I honestly thought I was in labour and panicked about how painful it was when it was only just starting. Having been through labour now though, these pains were FAR worse. Labour pains only last a minute tops and go away.

Good luck. Take paracetamol if they are REALLY bad and strap a hot water bottle on if you can.

DebbsyandBibby Tue 08-Aug-06 09:59:36

jenn thats been really helpful thank you i must be the same as you as you then as i had a flat tum and arent that big for 6 mths either first baby too thanks again

JennT Tue 08-Aug-06 11:17:11

When I left work 3 weeks before I was due, some of my customers had JUST noticed I was pregnant and shocked when I told them my due date.

Hattiecat Tue 08-Aug-06 11:38:54

I had this too - thought i was the only person in the world that had ever had it and midwife and gp put it down to stretching ligaments/uterus. its really uncomfortable though - found the only thing that would get rid of it was lying down...good luck with it though its a bit annoying really - not sure the flat tummy thing and being small thing goes for me though, i was the size of a whale by 6 months !

turquoise Tue 08-Aug-06 11:54:06

I had this too with ds about 7 months onwards, was told it was ligaments. Annoyingly it started up again almost straight away the next time with dd. Uncomfortable, but try not to worry too much.

redz Tue 08-Aug-06 12:32:15

Hi, Im 34weeks pg and started getting stitches in my sides around the same time. I notice I got them when I stood for long periods or went for long walks they can be pretty painful and the only thing that helped me was to take off all clothes and lay down rubbing the area. I was assured by midwife it is normal. Just try not to over exert yourself.
Good luck

emzickle Tue 08-Aug-06 12:55:28

Im 31 weeks - as my baby is head down, all the ouch i get in the ribs, the mid wife tells me are her feet... kicking! maybe?

felda Sun 22-Jul-07 20:48:02

hi i am 18 weeks pregnant this is my third pregnancy and i am getting stitch on left hand side not felt much movement yet

bubbles0106 Sat 08-Mar-14 18:13:51

I get the same feeling on my right side. It is normal this is my fourth daughter....

greentshirt Sat 08-Mar-14 18:20:51

The Ops baby will be nearly 8 now bubbles, shes probably not worried about it anymore!

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