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Blood in Uterus during early pregnacy

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Michmich82 Mon 17-Feb-14 12:43:37

Hello everyone, I'm new to this and I'm looking for a bit of advice... Here's my story so far

I found out I was pregnant on the first day of my missed period, I had a feeling I was as I was feeling different and if was a welcome surprise.

At 4 weeks +4 days I woke up to a large gush of red blood and took the day off work I didn't have any cramps but I called the doctor who said I still could be pregnant but I would just have to wait and see. My pregnancy symptoms lessened I didn't feel as sick and took a test a week later and it was still positive with a dark line that appeared straight away.

Then at 5 weeks + 4 days I had more bleeding this time it was darker blood and I had some cramping. It only lasted the evening and it wore off. I had pain on my left side so after seeing my doctor they booked me in for an early scan which I had at 7 weeks + 2 days.

There is something in my uterus but they said it isn't measuring up to what they would expect, I'm sure it was 4.5mm, but next to this was a dark spot which they advised was blood they have advised me my pregnancy could still be fine but I have to go back a week today for another scan to see if it's grown.

I am 8 weeks 1 day today and I have done another test that is positive.

I have had a miscarriage before about 2 years ago but it was totally different to this experience I'm having now.

I have searched online to try and find out more info but haven't had much luck so thought I would see if anyone here has had this and to see if it's common and I know nobody can give me an answer but it's really hard just waiting but I thought other stories may help me.

Thanks and I'll keep this updated to try and help others in the future x

StarsInTheNightSky Mon 17-Feb-14 13:08:28

Hi, welcome and sorry you're having all of this worry. We had an early scan (at 7 weeks) due to previous losses, and they found a bean with a strong heartbeat who was measuring smaller than they would have expected, blood in the uterus, along with two very large cysts on one of my ovaries and a fluid-filled tube like structure which they couldn't identify hmm!?! So it didn't look great at the time.

Fast forwards to our 12 weeks scan (at 14 weeks) everything was absolutely fine, baby was measuring so big our EDD was moved forwards by 11 days (which is more accurate when going by my last period).
Then I had quite a big bleed the day after our scan, so I was scanned again and given anti-D (I'm rhesus neg too). Everything looked absolutely fine still and baby was squiggling away.

At our 20 week scan everything looked fine again, the cysts had disappeared, the blood had disappeared, baby is doing really well so far and the tube like structure is still there, but as it's outside the uterus, they said they aren't worried about it hmm.

I'm now 25 + 1 and baby is still doing really well (touch wood this contunies), measuring very big and is very active. We've had some other complications but they're to do with me and not our little man, and aren't to do with the blood in uterus etc.

Hang in there, even when it looks bleak (which yours certainly doesn't, I hasten to add!) everything can be fine, it's so hard to tell on the early scans as they change so quickly that they can be measuring behind one day, then several days ahead the next day x

Michmich82 Mon 17-Feb-14 16:31:26

Hi Starsinthenightsky thank you so much for your reply it's so good to hear someone has been going through the same as me and had a positive outcome. I'll keep you posted on my progress and hope that everything goes well for you too x

atomicyoghurt Mon 17-Feb-14 16:41:30

I had a similar experience in my second pregnancy. I ended up being scanned once a week from 6 weeks on due to strange bleeds and strange results in the scans.

My 6 week scan was exactly like you describe. 'something' in the uterus that didn't have a heartbeat and also a dark area that could be blood. I knew my dates were right! But the dates didn't add up to what was seen week after week.

A heartbeat finally was seen at 10 weeks by my dates, but the embryo only measured for 6 weeks. Apparently what had happened was that I had miscarried and not known and then got pregnant immediately OR got pregnant on top of another pregnancy and the first one died.

Apparently it's rare but not unheard of. I've no idea how it happened as I had a 5 month old dd at the time and dh and I really weren't rutting like rabbits but there you go.

So good luck op, it might be or it might not... As usual it's a waiting game!

toddlewaddleflipflop Mon 17-Feb-14 19:02:27

I had a big bleed, then a large blood clot in my uterus at 8 weeks too, but it turned out fine. I had bleeding on/off for a few weeks after that too. It's horrible waiting, isn't it, and I never did relax about pregnancy after that, but no blood clot was visible at the 20 week scan.

Hatteras Mon 17-Feb-14 22:57:53

I'm going through this right now. I had an early scan at 6w2d (IVF pregnancy so automatically get scanned early) last Thursday that showed a heartbeat and something in the uterus that they thought was a bleed but it wasn't clear what it was. I started bleeding Friday night, brown at first but then it did turn red - more than spotting but not heavy loss, no clots or cramps. It gradually faded away to very light brown spotting over the weekend. Absolutely terrified us.

Had a scan today and all - touch wood - is fine right now. There is still a strong heartbeat and the bean had grown a little since Thursday, but there is a lot of blood in my uterus. Dr said it should be ok, but there is the risk that the bleeding could cause the sac to dislodge. He also said I may bleed for the next couple of months (!) and that we just have to keep an eye on it.

I still have very light brown spotting and will have a scan in another 7-10 days. So relieved that all is ok, and just hoping it stays ok.

Michmich82 Wed 19-Feb-14 11:15:23

Thanks for your replies everyone, it's not looking good for me, yesterday morning I woke up bleeding quite heavy with a lot of pain, I fainted and came over hot and sweating and shakes which I think was due to the loss of blood, my boyfriend took me to a&e where I was admitted, they took bloods and my levels were ok so I didn't have to have a transfusion and they checked inside (which was horrible as I wasn't prepared and I was still bleeding) I also hadn't shaved my legs! And they were surprised to see my cervix still closed so there still may be a chance. It's just more of a waiting game now, they've cancelled my scan on Monday and said to do a pregnancy test in 7-10 days. I'm still having cramps and the bleeding has now slowed down but I've had a lot of clots but I hope this is just the blood clots that were in my uterus. Again I'll keep you updated x

Hatteras Wed 19-Feb-14 15:06:15

michmich I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. Keeping everything crossed for you thanks

Michmich82 Mon 24-Feb-14 10:47:16

Just another update I've been bleeding and having pains since Tuesday (6 days now) the bleeding has now turned to spotting. I've done a pregnancy test this morning which is still positive (it's slightly fainted than it has been) but I've called the epu (who told me to call if I needed to) but they just said to take painkillers for the pain so I don't really know what to do now? I suppose I will just have to test again in a few days. x

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