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38 weeks with cold

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daynsey Mon 17-Feb-14 07:25:48


I've only recently registered on MN after months (9 to be precise) of visiting for little bits of advice on existing forums. So firstly, thanks for all the reassurance and giggles you've given me throughout my pregnancy! It's been great to have somewhere to come and have my mind put at rest.

This is my first pregnancy and, fortunately, it's been very straightforward - a few little niggles here and there, like MS, piles (soz tmi), back pain - but nothing I haven't been able to cope with.

But these last few weeks are killing me! I've come down with a stinking cold and I feel absolutely dreadful. I had a bout of frequent but irregular BH with quite strong period pain the other night, to the point I was convinced it was the onset of early labour. Disappointingly it stopped completely by bedtime. The baby is kicking so hard at my ribs. I'm very small framed (tall but very lanky) so there's no space for the poor little blight to move. I keep getting the sharpest pains 'down there', especially when I go for a wee, which is every bloody 30 minutes. I can't get comfortable, I can't sleep, I'm desperate to clean the house but just feel so poorly and miserable!

Gosh, I'm so sorry to whinge like this. blush I am so grateful and happy to be having a baby, I'm just struggling with this last bit which wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have this cold. I'm currently lying in bed with two rolled up pieces of toilet roll shoved up my nose. It's not a good look.

Does anyone have any ideas for things I can do to make these last few days/weeks easier? I'm talking free home remedies, nothing too expensive,as I'm on a budget!

Also, is it likely that this cold will induce or delay labour, or is there simply no evidence for either? I've read contradictory, anecdotal evidence for both but I'm not sure I would cope with labour feeling this rough.

Thanks again for your input.

mummie2b1987 Mon 17-Feb-14 09:15:05

Hi Hun not much advice but I'm 38+4 and also have a horrible cold accompanied by a really annoying tickly cough! The only thing that I find that helps is jakemans honey and lemon sweets hmm they we're recommended to me on here when I was in 1st tri, I've been sleeping sat up aswell which helps with the cough amongst lots of other ailments!! Haha

Hoping myself that this isn't delaying labour!I've had bh on and off for a few weeks but no other signs llas of yet! Willing her to come ASAP!

What's your due date? Xxx

daynsey Mon 17-Feb-14 09:41:22

Thank you for the recommendation - I will try those - but so sorry to hear you're feeling rough too. I'm due 4th March and by my dodgy calculations, you are due on the 28th February? Is this your first? Wishing you well very soon!

Mummytobe2014 Mon 17-Feb-14 09:45:26

This isnt a remedy but i always feel better by drinking warm milk and honey plus its yummy!

Sorry u feel so poorly its hard enough at this late stage let alone dealing with a cold too sad

I recently started struggling to sleep as my bump was hurting so stuck a pillow underneath which has really helped not sure if this cld make u more comfortable??
Also pillow between ur legs helps.

Hope someone comes along with some good remedies for u soon smile

Hawkmoth Mon 17-Feb-14 09:45:39

Have you been checked for a UTI? They can make you feel crap.

But cold wise, my top tip is saline nasal spray. Not the nicest idea but such sweet relief!

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