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Little/no movements for 3 days then back to norm?

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x0gawjus0x Mon 17-Feb-14 06:23:55

I usually have an extremely active little girl I've never worried about movements untill Friday just gone I had drinks ice lollies baths nothing not one movement for 5 hours, went for ctg at 1.30 am and on for an hour had 3 movements and said ctg was fine. All day sat I had about 9 movements from 8am-10pm so went in again and had another 3 movements ctg was 'fine'. Now she's been moving non stop this morning like she always has but that was really scary for me could it of indicated any problems I burst into tears when I got there the first time! She's now fully engaged apparently I'm 37+5 could that reduce movements? Seems back to normal now though :/ x

PseudoBadger Mon 17-Feb-14 06:29:16

Movement shouldn't stop, you're doing absolutely the right thing by getting checked out as soon as you're worried. Please keep doing this and don't ever worry that you're making a fuss.

Snowlet Mon 17-Feb-14 10:09:38

I'm only 24 weeks but I freaked out about this a few days ago, it had been 24 hours of nearly nothing (but not literally no movement), that was very different from what I'd experienced up to that point. I read a lot and asked some mum friends for advice and the consensus seemed to be that this happened to them all and could possibly be because of a growth spurt which requires a bit more sleep.

Definitely agree that it's better to go get checked out, and your non-movement lasted longer than mine did. I guess I'm just here to say I understand, and kept having to tell myself that staying calm and positive was not only good for me but good for the baby too. I'm glad she's back to moving, good luck with the last days of your pregnancy!

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