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Week 5 of pregnancy, 2 months after mc, symptoms coming and going, boobs sore and full one day and small and not full the do I stop stressing?!

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angelgabe Sun 16-Feb-14 21:35:36

Don't want to sound neurotic but i'm terrified of another mc :-(

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 16-Feb-14 22:32:20

You just need to he'd yourself in for the long haul and keep base distracted as possible. Sadly 24/7 Stressing goes hand in hand with pg after mc.
And there's always something new to stress about.
Have a look on this topic list for the Posifrickentivity PG after MC thread. We've all been there and bits a great place to come and share all the our worries and get great support.
In terms of symptoms, this early it is perfectly NORMAL for symptoms to dip in and out. It is very worrying at the time but in a few weeks you will be gagging over your breakfast with the best of them! wink

angelgabe Sun 16-Feb-14 22:56:59

Hi Saggy
thanks so much....just about to log off and read your message. I'll take a look at the PG after MC thread and do my best to follow your advice.
Oh to be gagging over my breakfast! wink
thanks again

angelgabe Wed 19-Feb-14 11:12:45

Just an update....unfortunately I am having my 2nd miscarriage in 3 months...the lack of symptoms were a sign :-(

Davmallem2013 Wed 19-Feb-14 11:34:16

I am sorry to hear your news and sorry for your loss. I was just going to reply wishing you luck as haven't logged on here for a while and saw your post which was

I had a ruptured ectopic in May 2013 (1st pregnancy), I then had 1st MC in Oct 13 (I was initially admitted for a suspected 2nd ectopic as it was only 5wks so they couldn't see much other than a distension in my tube) but it was classed as MC. I then fell pregnant straight away and had my 2nd MC at the end of Nov 13 at 6 weeks. I was very careful for a month and then I have fallen pregnant again and I am now 7w +5 today (it has been confirmed in uterus at 6 weeks). It is really difficult and the negativity has got worse for me each time. I can sympathise with you and I am trying to stay positive but every ache twinge or lack of makes me think I am loosing this one and that I can't keep going through it. My only advice for you at this stage is if your now in the process of MC again then let yourself recover as your mind & body needs to be ready. Normally if you have 3 MC in a row hopefully you should qualify with the NHS for some tests and help you find out what could be causing them, it may be something simple. If I don't keep hold of this one then that will be what they do for me.

I wish I could say the stress gets less but in my case it hasn't, but I don't think that we are alone.

angelgabe Wed 19-Feb-14 11:58:41

Oh my goodness, you've been through such an ordeal Davmallem! I am so sorry. For all the friends and colleagues I know who fall pregnant without even trying i was naive enough to think this would be straighforward. We'd been trying nearly a year when we had the first mc. In the grand scheme of things it's not long but every month waiting is painful!
I have everything crossed for you this time around. So pleased you've had a scan and try and take it easy. there's no point in me saying don't stress....look I posted this thread early on because my boobs felt less full! It's only natural you'll worry and the more heartache that's gone before will only serve to make you more anxious.
This site it great for support that can't really be got in the 'real world'. Just getting the balance right between finding support and becoming neurotic!
I wish you all the very very best and thank you for replying

Davmallem2013 Wed 19-Feb-14 12:07:46

Thanks angelgabe, best wishes for you and my fingers are crossed for you next time. I know what you mean as I am surrounded by colleagues at work and see people in my job who are doing all kinds of bad things and yet seem to have no issues, but that is what just makes me stay in the mind of "if it's meant to be, then it will be". I hope it's third time lucky for you and take care of yourself thanks

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