Clomid success stories please

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Natty1806 Mon 07-Aug-06 10:44:12


Not sure if this has been done before but am due to start clomid next month and could do with some happy stories. Please let me know why you were prescribed it and how long it took to get pregnant.

I know i am in the wrong thread but didn't get a response on ttc thread. As hopefully you are all here.

Many thanks

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Fee05 Mon 07-Aug-06 12:54:08

Hi there,
I was prescribed Clomid for Polycystic ovaries as my periods were really irregular. I conceived on the second month and I am now 33 weeks pregnant. The only side effect I noticed was really bad PMT. Good luck!

Natty1806 Mon 07-Aug-06 13:06:28

Thanks Fee05, bet your very pleased. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

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saltcod Mon 07-Aug-06 18:52:00

Hiya, I was prescribed it for secondary infertily - all test results had come back as normal, but I had a luteal phase defect - my cycles were only 26/27 days & I wasn't ov'ing till day 19. I had 3 cycles of 50mg of clomid & conceived on the 3rd cycle. I also started a 6 week course of reflexology at the beginning of the 2nd clomid cycle...... highly recommended

Good luck with the clomid.


Natty1806 Mon 07-Aug-06 19:57:51

Thanks am loving all the positive feed back.

Best wishes to you and baba.

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annabella73 Wed 09-Aug-06 08:57:20

We tried for well over a year for a baby, and in the end I had a laparoscopy to check my one and only tube was ok (I lost the other to an ectopic). That was February and then I was given a 6 month supply of Clomid starting in May. I took it cd2-6 and suffered no side effects at all. It also worked first time, and I'm now 13 weeks pregnant. Touch woiod everything seems fine.
Good luck to you too.

Natty1806 Wed 09-Aug-06 20:23:16

COngrat Annabella - another one it worked first time for, i really hope it does for me. Fingers crossed.

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moo842 Wed 09-Aug-06 20:48:31

i had clomid on my first pregnancy, and conceived on the first month. i'm now on pregnancy 4 and havn't needed any other help

Natty1806 Wed 09-Aug-06 21:04:08

that encourging news.


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chocolate247 Sun 10-Sep-06 03:40:55

I am now on my 3rd round of clomid. i hope that this will be my last month. last month i had a positive test and found out three days later it was a chemical pregnancy. this month i got my period with out any help. i hope this will play a factor and i will get pregnat this month. your stories has really helped me to keep going. thank you everyone.

lubella Sun 10-Sep-06 17:31:02


yes I was lucky enough to have conceived after 1 round after trying for 1 year - the doctor didn't really explain what the issues were - my hormone levels were a little low and my periods every 23 days, very light...I'm not sure but Chlomid worked amazingly and didn't cause me any side effects other than a little tension, like PMT- I am now 6 months!
best of luck and please keep us posted on how it goes xx

BetsyBoop Wed 13-Sep-06 20:37:00

TTC for 18months without success & eventually diagnosed with mild PCOS.

Clomid worked on second cycle & DD is now 9months old

good luck

Rubystar77 Fri 15-Sep-06 23:31:09

hi just to let you know my sucess story fell on 1st round of clomid but had eptopic, had 9 months free and then started again, fell on 1st round again had daughter last nov then refused to go on any contraception as was trying for 4 years and am now 28 weeks preg all natural,fell preg after 3 and half months!!
perhaps its down to stress and trying to hard ?! or maybe be its just that i was so happy with being a mummy that my system just had a kick start. my cycle went straight back to 28days after having daughter and before hand for years was only 23 dys!!

hunkermunker Fri 15-Sep-06 23:33:37

I took Clomid for one cycle because I had PCOS (and endometriosis), got one egg which I saw on my scan - that big fat egg is now DS1

Didn't need it to conceive DS2 - fell pg first month with him.

Good luck!

Lilymaid Fri 15-Sep-06 23:38:10

Clomid worked for me on the first cycle. I had a problem with ovulation.

happyhippy Sat 16-Sep-06 00:04:35

i am going to watch this thread as i started clomid last month and need to hear some positive feedback as feeling really negative at mo, thanks for starting this thread

caj1 Sun 02-Sep-07 13:58:55

Hi there,
I have tried 50mg of Clomid ad nothing happened! We have been trying for 22 months and I am getting very frustrated! I have just had a laparoscopy and my tubes are ok but my ovaires are stuck right at the back probably as a result of endometriosis at some stage. Has anyone else heard or had a similar experience, as my consultatnt told me that there was no reason for me not to be able to conceive! I have just finished taking 100mg of Clomid to see if that works!! It made me like a She Devil!!! Good luck to all.

nykate Sun 02-Sep-07 21:47:26

Just wanted to share that I've had 3 friends take clomid (2 for ovulation issues and one for polycystic ovaries) and all conceived within 3 months. Two of my friends conceived again (rather quickly)without it the next time- I guess it kickstarts your body?

Good luck.

Practicalpet Sun 02-Sep-07 21:55:13

I was prescribed clomid for infertility and it took two months to get pregnant with dd. With ds got pregnant without it. Good luck to you.

DontCallMeBaby Sun 02-Sep-07 22:04:46

I was prescribed Clomid after it turned out that fixing my underactive thyroid STILL hadn't made me ovulate. Conceived on the third cycle; DD is now 3.5.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 02-Sep-07 23:55:00


i was on clomid for secondary infertility and concieved 1st month but m/c at 5 weeks and concieved 6th month and am currently 27 wks pg

good luck

Jocelync Thu 27-Sep-07 13:48:16

I have PCOS and started Clomid this month, i read everything written on the internet about it. I didnt imagine that after taking Clomid for one month it would be me writing a success story.
It is very early days as i only found out i am pregnant yesterday, but fingers crossed everything will be okay.
I am in total shock. :0

Good Luck to everyone who is either thinking about Clomid, taking it for the first month or been taking it for a few months. It really Does Work!
Just listen to the Doctors and follow their instructons and im sure it will work for you too.

EmsMum Thu 27-Sep-07 13:51:28

In brief - PCOS, clomid , long cycle so ovulated late , realised thats what was happening and got pg second cycle.

DD now 8.

Good luck!

muppety Thu 27-Sep-07 17:09:02

I took clomid for secondary infertility after 18 of trying. Stopped it after 3m due to side effects but then pregnant first month of stopping so I think it must have 'jolted' me into action or something! Anyways its still early days for me so fingers crossed!

DonDons Thu 27-Sep-07 17:59:02

I was prescribed Clomid 12 months after a MC, unexplained infertility, no issues with tubes/hubby/cycle etc. Took 1 cycle of 50mg, then 3 cycles of 100mg as prescribed by GP. IVF consultant then told me to reduce back to 50mg (he said the chances of conceiving on 50mg were higher than 100mg - which seemed odd).

Anyway, after 5th cycle finally got BFP and now 11+2. Had scan this week and there's only 1 bean in there.

Hubby very understanding but did say I turned into a pyscho when taking the pills. Also had hot flushes on the nights I took the pills. Was advised by another MNer to take the pills at night - that way you sleep through most of the side effects (which did seem to work).

Also noticed that with each cycle I had pregnancy type symptoms towards my period due time - so whilst clomid worked for me, it did mess with my head.

Best of luck!

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