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gentler kicks with placenta at front?

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eggybrokenoff Sun 16-Feb-14 20:00:34

pg with no3 - 26 weeks. at scan was told placenta was at the front and needed checks to make sure it wasnt over cervix. I am feeling lots of kicks but am sure they arent as strong as with other two at this stage. might just be remembering later in pg from before but could it be placenta position?

DomesticGoddess31 Sun 16-Feb-14 20:07:02

Well mine is at the front and I had a recent 32 WK scan to check it had moved out of the way of my cervix.... and by god my little bub is one strong and active little boy! Have witnessed actual feet/hands/knees poking out at points. Feels like he's trying to find an alternative exit! This is my 2nd baby and he is waaaaay more active than my first. He's in a similar position so I wonder if its because he is a boy and just naturally more active??? Who knows.

longleggedlady Sun 16-Feb-14 20:07:18

I was told that the kicks may be lighter due to the placenta 'cushioning them'. I'm 22 weeks today and am starting to feel her more and more. When should we be spotting a pattern? X

DomesticGoddess31 Sun 16-Feb-14 20:09:05

PS its been this strong for ages now. I think as long as you are feeling movement then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Maybe you just have a more chilled out bub in there this time.

swampusdonkus Sun 16-Feb-14 20:42:41

Hi, I am 25w and have an anterior placenta - I feel movements rather than kicks but I can't say they are particularly forceful at this stage. From what I have been told, this placental positioning does muffle the kicks so I am not concerned. First pregnancy so nothing to compare them to like you OP but what you are describing sounds normal.

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