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BFP today! First time on here and would love some support from ladies who have also just recently found out!

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SJH0604 Sat 15-Feb-14 19:00:48

Oh my goodness. How many more tests should I do. In total shock! We've been TTC for a few months. Wowsers!

MB34 Sat 15-Feb-14 19:05:01

Is it your first?
I got my bfp last Sunday although according to my LMP I was 4 weeks yesterday (I have a very short cycle!) so we're probably due around the same time.

LaylaBear2911 Sat 15-Feb-14 20:20:20

Hi! I got my BFP yesterday! Best Valentines Day EVER! We have been through a lot to get here (haven't we all) and I am super excited! I guess we'll be due around October smile congrats to you! Xxx

SJH0604 Sat 15-Feb-14 20:29:11

Congratulations both of you! Well...I'm pretty certain I am. It's been 36 days since my last period so we bought two tests today. First was positive and the second test didn't work properly (the control window line didn't show). So we rip used to the supermarket to buy two more packs. Going to test again later this evening and first thing in the morning. So I'm still worried it's not true but would it show a positive if it wasn't...uh! Yes this will be our first. Got married a few months ago. A bit dazed! Hope the next test works and it's still positive. Had some symptoms like tiredness, sore nipples/breasts and some dizziness. X

SJH0604 Sat 15-Feb-14 20:29:52

*rushed to the supermarket

Sometimesbrunette Sat 15-Feb-14 20:36:57

Hey! I found out on Tuesday. 2nd month of ttc. Very strong positive. I only got married in October so could be an anniversary baby x

MB34 Sat 15-Feb-14 21:39:06

Anniversary babies, how lovely. No need to get your DH's anything else lol!

You can't get a false positive on the tests and as your af hasn't showed either (I'm taking it your cycle is much shorter than 36 days!), you are pregnant!! :-)

Even though, do come back and let us know how the tests go!

That's what made me test too - tiredness and dizziness. I really didn't think it would be positive as it was in the middle of the day and af wasn't due until the next day (although my cycles were getting shorter!). I've done another 7 tests since so think I can safely say I am lol!

BumpNGrind Sat 15-Feb-14 23:26:50

Hi, I got my bfp today too. I feel like a complete novice because I don't know what to do now, do I ring the doctors surgery? I cannot believe it's going to be April until I can tell people, I have no idea how I'm going to be able to do that!!

Eggsiseggs Sun 16-Feb-14 07:26:57

Ooo can I join? Got my first BFP yesterday after IVF - still in shock!

Had passed off my symptoms as the IVF drugs, but now know it is pg hormones! So yy to the tiredness, dizziness and can I add: ridiculous hunger!

Am training myself to be excited now - I know so much could go wrong, but then there is no reason to believe it can't go right, either!

How on earth I am going to keep quiet until April is beyond me!
Congrats, all.

ImBrian Sun 16-Feb-14 07:44:57

I got mine yesterday and im about 4 weeks. Hopefully the next few weeks go nice and fast. Im going out at tge weekend and nobody knows so im not sure how im going to hide the non drinking.

Sparkle9 Sun 16-Feb-14 08:24:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SJH0604 Sun 16-Feb-14 09:34:07

Congratulations to all! So exciting and so surreal.

So yes, I took another test this morning and it was positive again. I'm going to make an appointment with the doctor on Monday. I just can't take it all in! Keeping it secret is going to be difficult!

Are you all keeping it secret for now, from everyone?

ImBrian Sun 16-Feb-14 10:06:09

I am, I havent even told dp yet. He has a habit of getting very stressed out so I figure ill give it a few weeks till I know afs not going to pop up!

Sparkle9 Sun 16-Feb-14 10:57:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BumpNGrind Sun 16-Feb-14 12:01:28

I thought i was 9dpo yesterday but I've done a Clearblue digital today which has dated my pregnancy as 5weeks + so i don't know where I am. I had my period as usual so I don't know what's going on.

Eggsiseggs Sun 16-Feb-14 13:07:02

Oh, Mother's Day is a good idea for telling people! When is it?

Sparkle9 Sun 16-Feb-14 13:46:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sometimesbrunette Sun 16-Feb-14 14:29:13

Ah autumn babies! At least when we are ready to pop it will be cooler.

I did two tests- one sainsburys and one clearblue. Both positive on Tuesday.

No symptoms apart from sporadic yet urgent hunger. Been to the gym twice since I found out. Determined to stay fit.

Sometimesbrunette Sun 16-Feb-14 14:30:34

Told my boss, my best friend, husbands best friend and his wife. All husbands friends are doctors so really to get advice on gym going x

Sparkle9 Sun 16-Feb-14 16:00:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MB34 Sun 16-Feb-14 18:49:25

I think I'm going to have to practice lying! People know we have been TTC so my mum says "are you pregnant!?" in response to almost everything! She got it out of me yesterday, I don't mind really as I was going to tell her early as if anything were to happen in the first 12 weeks, I'd need her to help look after DS.

Also told one of my friends today, she sort of guessed and I couldn't lie.

Going to have to practice my usual response of 'no, I wish!" lol!

rosiepuppy Mon 17-Feb-14 18:34:16

Congratulations everyone!! I have also just had a BFP!! tested on the 15th but I didn't believe the lines so tested again today with clear blue digital which actually said PREGNANT!! How can you not believe that! It hasn't sunk in yet, but me and DH are super excited as its our first.

When are you considering telling parents? I'm only about 4-5 weeks so still very early but I don't know how I will keep it from my mother... we are quite close.

I also play hockey as captain so I'm gutted I can't play any more - going to have to think up a very good excuse!! what exercise are you going to be doing? I need ideas

MrsGoldilocks Wed 19-Feb-14 13:24:44

Hello ladies, congratulations on all these BFPs - how exciting!! grin Can I join in please?! We got our BFP on Sunday (16th) and think I'm now 4.5 weeks (due date is around 23rd October). It's our first and we've only been trying for two months so we're really excited but also pretty nervous! We've told my parents as we share a house with them, and it would be impossible to explain why I suddenly don't want a cup of tea in the morning, or why I'm not having a glass of wine with dinner. But I really don't want to tell my other half's mum yet as she's a complete blabbermouth and the whole town would know within minutes! It's going to be a long wait until April...

I'd be interested to know about exercise, too. Until we started trying I was doing HIIT training a few times a week, but I stopped when we started TTC because I know it places stress on the body. But now we have conceived, I'm not sure what I'm allowed to do over and above walking without making things too risky.

What symptoms is everyone having so far? I'm supposed to be starting finishing an assignment due in on Monday, but have so far done nothing this morning as I'm too excited and keep getting distracted by reading pregnancy related stuff. Whoops! wink

Sometimesbrunette Wed 19-Feb-14 14:05:18

No symptoms yet. except from the odd stretching pain and a few sick burps. Really unnerving as I was expecting full blown nausea that everyone goes on about!

I am probably going to announce it the last week in March as i am going on a spa weekend at the weekend. I had been helping to arrange all the booze so going to be a bit odd if i turn it down.

I am going to book a private scan beforehand.

Ive filled in a new midwife form at the doctors and apparently she is going to call me. What happens at your first midwife appointment? what do they do? x

MrsGoldilocks Wed 19-Feb-14 15:10:55

Ah, yes, sometimesbrunette, I can see that it might raise suspicion if you provide but don't drink the booze haha! I'm just awful at keeping secrets so am going to have to avoid family/friends until we can tell them. I won't be able to resist spilling!

I filled in a form at the GP's this morning too. Apparently our first appointment is at home in a couple of weeks, they're going to call to arrange. They have also provided me with a couple of sample bottles with the warning that I shouldn't fill them yet but await further instruction lol! Not really sure what actually happens during the appointment though (especially since it's at home hmm ). It was quite weird telling the receptionist, I kept looking round the waiting room for anyone I might know.

Symptom-wise, I've had really bad back ache for about 3 days, crampy bloated and the occasional sicky feeling for well over a week, and yesterday's new one, a metallic taste in my mouth (which fortunately seems to come and go). Like you I was expecting to feel dreadful from the very beginning so am surprised that I'm feeling well at the moment, but am fairly certain it won't last!

When are you planning to have your private scan done? I hadn't even considered that, but it sounds like a good idea. Hmmm...

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