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Newborn tips with you also have a 2yr old?

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Mummabear12 Sat 15-Feb-14 16:22:37

As the thread says really? I know there's a thread for a first timer but what about when you have another toddler running around? Dd will be 2.2 then and she sleeps well... 7.30pm- 8am and naps for about 1hr in the day smile x

Mummabear12 Sat 15-Feb-14 16:49:01

Obviously title is supposed to say when you have* smile x

Beanypip Sat 15-Feb-14 16:57:59

im wondering the same thing. dd1 is 2 on the 24th of this month and dd2 is due 2nd april so about the same gap as you. dd1 isnt walking yet though so I dont have to chase her luckily though I do have to carry her sad hope someone comes along with some advise wink

cravingcake Sat 15-Feb-14 17:15:28

Only advice i have is to accept all offers of help, especially if someone offers to look after the toddler grin

My DS is 2.3yo & DD is almost 4 weeks and the help from friends & family has been a lifesaver. I had an elcs with DD so i put in place early on a regular day for DS to spend with Grandad. I also have a couple of good mum friends who will happily take DS to a couple of groups for me if i need them to.

MB34 Sat 15-Feb-14 19:01:15

Watching with interest as just got my bfp a week ago and DS will be 23 months when he/she comes along

YouPutYourRightArmIn Sat 15-Feb-14 19:05:08

Watching with interest. Dd will be 2.7 when dc2 arrives.

HorraceTheOtter Sat 15-Feb-14 19:06:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HorraceTheOtter Sat 15-Feb-14 19:07:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NuzzleandScratch Sat 15-Feb-14 19:08:59

My dd1 was 2.4 when dd2 arrived, and shortly afterwards started 2 mornings at nursery. Dh used to take her in the mornings, and it was an absolute godsend only having the baby to worry about on those days. Other than that it all seems a bit of a blur (it was only 18 months ago!), only thing I can think to say is it does get easier! I remember being so nervous of having the two of them by myself at first, now I think nothing of it (they're 18m and almost 4 now).

roweeena Sat 15-Feb-14 19:35:47

There is 2years 3 weeks between my boys, DS2 is now 4 months. Tips - find a good playgroup, get out of the house every morning. Cling onto the lunchtime nap of DC1 as long as possible and try and coordinate naps - 45mins a day when they are both asleep is a godsend.

Honestly it is a lot easier than first time because you are much more relaxed and you are used to broken sleep & a demanding toddler (a newborn in comparison is soo soo much easier!).

Oh and get one of those stretchy slings for the first few months

MrsRV Sat 15-Feb-14 19:45:04

exactly the same here, DD1 will be 2.2 when DD2 arrives. I must admit I feel a lot calmer this time than I did before DD1 was born. Although I think this may be the calm before the storm!! I'm already looking forward to the 2 days DD1 will be at the childminders. Most people say that because DD1 has always been so good & easy that this 1 is going to be a complete nightmare. Slightly worrying. No tips or help whatsoever but just playing snap grin

lighteningmcmama Sat 15-Feb-14 20:50:47

My tip is get a decent sling. A stretchy wrap sling and play around with it before baby arrives so you know how to use it like the back of your hand. Babies are so calm and sleep v well in stretchy wraps, it was a lifesaver for me. Helps you focus on older dc for a while and also get job's done. Try a close caboo if a stretchy is not for you but definitely try a sling it really can make life easier.

Inglori0us Sat 15-Feb-14 20:58:34

My dd will be just 2 when ss comes along in April. Sext she's up so much of my time I've been worrying how I'll give her the attention she needs with a newborn. She does sleep well at night but is threatening to drop the daytime nap.
I guess we'll just need to get on with it the best we can. I predict cbeebies and toddler ready meals in her future until I get us into a routine of sorts.

Inglori0us Sat 15-Feb-14 20:59:13

Sorry about typos. Stupid phone and fat fingers.

Twoandtwohalves Sat 15-Feb-14 21:06:16

I'd echo what has already been said. Ds1 is 2.8 and ds2 8mo. A stretchy wrap sling has been a lifesaver and focusing on getting out for toddler purposes has been great - ds2 has been to all the groups, the park etc in the sling. If the baby is asleep resist the temptation to immediately do all the jobs and spend 10 mins really connecting with the elder one - consider it an investment in their mood. Snacks and sleep for everyone.

Also, if you can, keep your elder one in Childcare for a day or two. I get Childcare vouchers and my employer continued to pay for them during mat leave, so he's stayed in nursery a day each week.

And be nice to yourself. TV is fine.

biglill Sat 15-Feb-14 21:10:47

Would never have got by without my phil n teds to cart them both around in.
Invest in dolls bath, bed, etc so when you are seeing to baby they can mimic with dolly, mine loves this.
I second the 'snacks' tip, always have malt loaf and raisins to hand for a moments peace.

Ellefabulosa Sat 15-Feb-14 21:41:09

Have some toys you can quietly play with toddler - books, jigsaw, board games while baby feeds/ sleeps. Use baby nap time for quality toddler time. It's fine.

Mummabear12 Sat 15-Feb-14 23:11:57

Thanks everyone some lovely suggestions smile however what is a stretchy sling and where can I get one lol x

RhinestoneCowgirl Sat 15-Feb-14 23:15:17

Stretchy wrap sling - long length of jersey material that you tie round yourself (looks complicated, but actually when you get the hang of it, dead easy). I had one called a Kari-Me, other brand is Moby.

CheeseStrawWars Sat 15-Feb-14 23:29:25

There was a quote that I can't quite remember but was along the lines of "a baby needs to have its basic needs met, but a toddler needs its mother." It wasn't quite that, but the gist is that in the early days it's important to reassure your older child that you're still there for them - bfing aside, other people can do a lot for your baby and baby won't mind, while only you will do for your older child (within reason). Slings, as people suggest, are good for porting about baby while doing stuff with toddler.

Keep DVDs and reading books to hand, which toddler can watch/you can read to toddler while you're stuck feeding baby. I got a backpack of toys/books/etc for toddler which only came out at feeding time, so it was sort of a treat while I was trapped under baby.

Brief visitors to make a fuss of the toddler first, rather than going straight for the baby as soon as they arrive.

Involve toddler in helping look after the baby - ask them to pass the nappies, etc.

There's also the option of giving a gift 'from' baby to their older sibling when they arrive.

MrsRV Sun 16-Feb-14 08:59:21

cheesestraw I'm going to be really conscious of this. would be easy to ship DD1 off with hubby & grandparents but actually, I'll ship the baby off instead! ha!grin

Mummabear12 Sun 16-Feb-14 09:28:54

Yes already got her a baby, bath, high chair, car seat and bed so she can mimic me and going to give her the doll when she visits in hospital smile
Any other tips welcome smile
Will look into the stretchy sling. I know I bought one 2nd hand but its black with a silver ring to tie it up but have no idea what I'm doing with it x

jen2014 Mon 17-Feb-14 15:06:57

Am watching with interest as DS will be 2+7 when DC2 arrives in April.
Any tips on what to get for a boy to help with mimicking? He wouldn't be adverse to a doll, he hasn't worked out the pink/blue divide yet and will quite happily play with 'girl' tea sets etc. But he's also very into trains/ trucks/ diggers etc and I'm not sure he would really take to a doll??
Like cheesestraw advice on briefing visitors, getting other people to do stuff for baby etc. Toddler is very high energy and labour intensive, even tv only holds the attention for 10-15 mins. And he starts playing up if my attention is diverted for even a few mins so am really nervous for the first few months...

altogetherwonderful Mon 17-Feb-14 19:55:01

I was overseas, no help

I spent many a morning/afternoon sitting on the floor cuddling newborn while chatting to 22mth old as he played with his tray of toys/books/crayons

I had a large floor cushion for newborn to lay on/rugs/cushions etc

I had a stash of magazines/cookbooks at my other side for me. And chocolate treats box.

I also tried to get either a morning walk around the block for a coffee & magazine /Visit to friends house or an afternoon walk to the park

Dinner at 5, bathtime at 6 & bed by 7 for the toddler helped.

I just put my brain into slower gear, didn't expect outside help as I am their mother, they wanted me to just be there with them. You can do it!

altogetherwonderful Mon 17-Feb-14 19:59:47

On really tired days I would potter at home in morning, then pasta carb lunch for me & toddler then all 3 of us up to my bed, I lay in the middle & toddler on either side.

We all got a nap it was wonderful.

Yy to sling - we had baby bjorn - so I could push mclaren buggy with toddler while newborn slept in sling. Sometimes we just sat in a cafe toddler had juice & chatted, I had a smoothie etc it felt great to be out of the house!

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