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placenta previa

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kellymd1980 Sat 15-Feb-14 15:55:11

Hi, I have never posted before but am really hoping someone can offer a bit of reassurance!
I am 14 + 5 weeks and this will be my third baby, I have recently had a tiny bit of spotting and horrible pains in my tummy - the week after my dating scan.
Was also feeling generaly 'off' so I went to the early pregnacy unit and they scanned me yesterday .. they said that the placenta is covering the os and basicly it has to move or I could miscarry!!! With my first son I had partial placenta previa but thankfully it onky threatend to cover and I had both normal pregnancy and delivery, with my seccond (7 years later) I developed pre eclamsia but no problems with the placenta!
Im scared to death of losing this baby but dont know of anyone who has been in this situation, and im frustrated too at my dating scan they said the placenta was the back yet just over a week later its low and covering the os..I really didnt think they moved that quick!
I reall hope someone else has been in this situation and appreciate any advice on how to keep sane and not worry

thanks x

tweetypie2 Sat 15-Feb-14 17:05:20

I had the placenta completely covering the cervix at 12 week scan. I was told it would probably move, but had extra scans throughout pg and it didn't! This can cause problems i.e. bleeding, particularly in later stages of pg but I was lucky and didn't have any. I did have to have ELCS at 38 weeks though due to complete placenta previa, which really worried me but it was absolutely fine in the end. Try not to worry, it will probably move up, the majority do x

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