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Where are my babies lying in my stomach?

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twinnymumstephanie Fri 14-Feb-14 19:58:10

Haha, I feel really silly asking this question.

Where exactly are my twins positioned in me? Is one on one side and one on the other? Or are they back to back? Anybody know?

Please forgive me if this is a ridiculous question.

twinnymumstephanie Fri 14-Feb-14 19:59:09

Oh I am 11 weeks pregnant btw, just in case people think I am extremely dense and/or blind.

slightlyinsane Fri 14-Feb-14 20:39:30

At 11 wks it's far too early to tell. They will be moving all over the show.
Mine at nearly 23 wks are twin 1 left hand side low down twin 2 right hand side at top. They have swappedppositions numerous times.

dizhin79 Sat 15-Feb-14 06:28:20

get yourself an app for your phone or computer that tracks their growth that will let you know how big they should be and very roughly where things are. At 11 weeks teeny still x

MabelBee Sat 15-Feb-14 06:45:50

They could be anywhere! By the time mine got too big to move around, I had one low down on the left in an upright squatting position and one lying transverse with her head on my right, but she sometimes drifted upside down.

They aren't necessarily symmetrically placed!

JustDanni Sat 15-Feb-14 08:14:34

They will be swimming(bouncing) all around each other at the moment.
As they grow and they have less room to wriggle they will settle into a slightly more permanent position.
But once baby 1 is engaged then it could all change again as they turn for labour.

LavenderFox Sat 15-Feb-14 09:40:02

Once your tummy gets big (26 weeks and past) most twins will be lying longitudinally in your tummy side by side, simply because they fit there better than both being sideways (transverse). It is also quite common than one will be a little lower in the tummy with head down, and the second a little higher up either head down or bottom down. Twins tend to face one another (which makes perfect sense) rather than have their back turned.

twinnymumstephanie Sat 15-Feb-14 11:39:45

Ahh these answers make so much sense! I have little sensations pretty much in all places of my lower stomach so they're definitely moving around.

Thanks so much everyone and I will try to get that app dizhin79, thanks smile

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