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36 weeks pregnant and strange pain!

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DeMaz Thu 13-Feb-14 11:37:21

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and three days ago I got this horrendous, take -my-breath-away pain on the lower right side of my back. It lasted about 5 seconds and went.
But since then I've had this horrible stitch like pain on the right side of bump going right to the top. It's quite uncomfortable but only when I'm sitting and sometimes standing. Lying down I don't feel a thing. I've had it before but maybe not as uncomfortable.

Baby is Saturday Night Fevering constantly and constantly kicking in the painful area. I've had about 7 routine ultrasounds since conception and everything seems fine with baby.

Is this normal? Anyone had this?

I do have an appointment with obstetrics tomorrow so will mention it then but thought i'd run it by you guys too.


HannahG315 Thu 13-Feb-14 11:45:01

I've had almost the exact thing and am 36weeks.

I find myself getting really distressed because I can't catch my breath.

I've had a reoccurring stitch like pain on my right side throughout, at the start I told that was the ovary supporting the pregnancy, however, I've had pain there pre-pregnancy during intercourse...

I'm afraid I have no there's as to what's causing it...

DeMaz Thu 13-Feb-14 11:57:05

Thanks for replying Hannah!

It's really annoying isn't it? I also had a right sided pain,before I conceived, after I had an HSG. I also had ultrasounds and they found nothing apart from a 2cm cyst on my left ovary!
I've had this uncomfortable feeing on and off throughout my pregnancy. I know it's not pleasant but pleased in not the only one x

HannahG315 Thu 13-Feb-14 12:22:34

I was suspected for endometriosis. Was due for investigate surgery but then fell pregnant smile

I'm of the opinion there could be a patch of endometriosis there (which is wouldn't show up on a scan btw)

Google the symptoms? See if they resemble you pre-pregnancy


DeMaz Thu 13-Feb-14 12:36:03

Thanks, I thought the same too. Will have a look. I hope your pain subsides soon.

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